Venezuela’s PetroDivisa Launches An OnlyFans Account

ByTroy Morris

Jan 18, 2021

The country’s largest account for Petro-based content will keep opening accounts for OnlyFans subscribers to provide them with trading signals and other useful content. The crypto trader recently began to open OnlyFans accounts. Petro is a Venezuelan government-backed crypto asset that is enmeshed in controversies.

OnlyFans pays its users in USD in a bid to evade U.S. sanctions. While addressing PetroDivisa’s 80,000 fans, the anonymous handler revealed that plans are on top gear to open and create a different handle that will ease the interaction between them and their fans. The etroDivisa handler revealed that he would soon acquiesce to his followers’ demand to develop a space to enhance the interaction between him and his followers.

A brief profile of PetroDivisa

PetroDivisa is a leading promoter of Petro, the government-backed cryptocurrency. The company has taken it upon itself to educate its followers on crypto trading and promote the digital currency on OnlyFans, an adult-content site.

In Venezuela, the cryptocurrency society is divided along various lines. First, maximalists versus altcoin supporters. Another division falls along the political line PetroDivisa throws its weight behind the group that is a staunch supporter of Petro, the Venezuelan government-backed crypto. Such government backers hold the opinion that the Petro deservedly evades the “undeserved sanctions” the U.S. imposed on their country.

On the other hand, the government’s opponents maintain that the Petro is trash and the worst initiatives imposed on them by President Maduro among his numerous failed economic policies. The opponents see Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation that arose from the poor economic policies their government has been making.

PetroDivisa has been a staunch supporter of this digital asset. As a result, it extended the defense of the Petro to Instagram and other social media platforms by sharing various content aimed at promoting the Petro and cryptos. PetroDivisa is very popular because it has more followers than the country’s official cryptocurrency director. While PetroDivisa garners more than 78,000 followers, Joselit Ramirez, the country’s crypto director, has just above 30,000.

Why the choice of OnlyFans?

It is noteworthy that OnlyFans is not restricted to pornography. The CEO recently explained that porn and other adult content are only 50% of the content they have on their platform. Their site also offers other products for entertainers, fitness experts, among others. Hence, promoting cryptos via onlyFans, though strange, is not a departure from the platform’s original aim.

It is interesting to note that PetroDivisa’s counterparts, like Decrypt, who made similar attempts, have not been successful. According to PetroDivisa, they opted for OnlyFans to gain from paid services to receive their earnings in dollars. The style used by PetroDivisa is quite different from the conventional method. They do not send nudity. PetroDivisa will quench your fetish appetite only when its followers are aroused by the crypto signals displayed to them.

The anonymous trader admitted that PetroDivisa officials could not compete with the numerous OnlyFans subscribers who earn from the platform from their beauty and sexual attractiveness. Hence, they crafted a niche for themselves to provide traders with signals and inform them of the happenings in the cryptocurrency world.

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