Where to Buy Pepe (PEPE) Coins? A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

ByTim Russert

Jun 2, 2024

Introduced with a unique green-colored, frog-based logo, Pepe coin has quickly climbed the ranks in the meme coin category, showing significant market capitalization growth since its launch in April 2024. This guide aims to help beginners understand where to buy Pepe coins to potentially benefit from future price increases.

Understanding Pepe Coin

Pepe coin emerged as a fresh entrant in the crowded meme coin market, differing with its frog-themed branding compared to the usual dog-themed coins. Launched at an initial price point of $0.000000001, Pepe coin has seen a staggering price increase of over 1800%. According to CoinMarketCap, it ranks fourth among meme coins with a market cap exceeding $454 million.

How to Buy Pepe Coins

Despite its recent introduction, Pepe coin is available on several leading cryptocurrency exchanges. This section explores the top three platforms where you can purchase Pepe coins.

1. Binance

Binance stands as the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally by volume, making it a primary venue for buying Pepe coins. Here’s how you can start trading PEPE on Binance:

  • Account Setup: Register by providing your email, creating a username, and setting a password.
  • Identity Verification: Complete necessary KYC procedures by submitting required identification documents.
  • Funding Your Account: Choose from various payment methods including bank transfers, credit, or debit cards to deposit funds.
  • Purchasing PEPE: Convert your fiat to USDT, then use the PEPE/USDT pair to buy Pepe coins.
  • Transaction Confirmation: Review and confirm your transaction details to finalize your purchase.

2. Coinbase Wallet

While Coinbase does not directly support purchasing Pepe coins through its exchange platform, its dedicated digital wallet, Coinbase Wallet, allows users to buy PEPE. Here’s the process:

  • Download and Setup: Install the Coinbase Wallet app and create your wallet.
  • Secure Your Wallet: Write down your recovery phrase or seed phrase and store it securely.
  • Add ETH to Your Wallet: Transfer Ethereum to your wallet, which you’ll use to swap for PEPE.
  • Buying PEPE: Navigate to the exchange section within the wallet, select the amount of PEPE you want to purchase, and execute the transaction.

3. KuCoin

KuCoin is renowned for its user-friendly interface, advanced trading features, and low fees, making it an ideal platform for buying Pepe coins.

  • Registration and Login: Sign up or log into KuCoin by providing your personal details.
  • Enhance Security: Set up two-factor authentication and other security features.
  • Verify Your Identity: Complete the KYC process by uploading an appropriate ID.
  • Deposit Funds: Choose from various payment methods to deposit money into your account.
  • Purchase PEPE: Buy USDT first, then trade it for PEPE using the appropriate market pair on KuCoin.

Tips for Buying Pepe Coins

  • Research: Always research and review each platform’s features and security measures.
  • Security: Utilize all available security features, including 2FA and strong, unique passwords.
  • Market Watch: Keep an eye on market conditions as meme coins can be highly volatile.


Pepe coin’s rapid ascent in the cryptocurrency world demonstrates its potential as a lucrative investment. By utilizing platforms like Binance, Coinbase Wallet, and KuCoin, you can easily purchase Pepe coins and prepare for potential future gains. Remember to conduct thorough research and follow security best practices while engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.

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