Regulations Introduced by Kyrgyzstan Government for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

ByEdward Thompson

Aug 29, 2021

As per the latest reports, the Kyrgyzstan Government has made an announcement in regards to the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The Kyrgyzstan government has announced that it is going to do it by introducing a new framework that would revolve around cryptocurrencies.

The Kyrgyzstan Government has revealed that it is going to make it happen with the introduction of a regulatory framework around cryptocurrencies. The regulatory framework would be implemented on the entire national cryptocurrency sector in Kyrgyzstan.

Therefore, in order for any cryptocurrency exchange or other crypto-related firm to operate in Kyrgyzstan, adherence to the regulatory framework would be mandatory.

In order to regulate cryptocurrencies in the country, a regulatory agency known as Gosfinnadzor has introduced a draft and presented it for approval. The particular regulatory authority reportedly operates under the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Kyrgyzstan. The Gosfinnadzor is responsible for the Supervision of Financial Markets and State Service for Regulation of Kyrgyzstan.

According to the agency, the draft it has developed and proposed is for the regulation of the cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the country. This information has been covered and provided by, which is a local news channel in Kyrgyzstan. The particular news channel has shared information around the matter on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

The agency has claimed that once the draft has been approved, the cryptocurrencies will be given legal status to operate within the country. The cryptocurrency exchanges and other crypto-related firms would be able to operate in the country with legal status.

Following the approval of the draft, the compliance requirements, responsibilities, and functions of the cryptocurrencies, and crypto-firms would be legalized. The new regulatory framework would require cryptocurrency exchanges to be fully compliant with the regulatory requirements.

The cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges would be expected to closely monitor illicit transactions and launch thorough investigations against them. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges would be expected to fully adhere to the KYC and AML regulations.

According to the government of Kyrgyzstan, the major global problem is terrorism. Therefore, the exchanges will be required to strictly adhere to policies including the counter-terrorist funding regulations.

The agency has also claimed that the draft not only regulates the crypto-sector but also offers a lot of technical support to the crypto-space. On one hand, the regulatory framework would reduce risks and on the other hand, it would help develop new technologies around cryptocurrencies.

The Kyrgyzstan Government aims to incorporate and integrate crypto-blockchain technology on a government level. Therefore, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology needs to be fully secure, regulated and streamlined before the country adopts it.

Once the bill is passed, Kyrgyzstan would see the cryptocurrency technology accepted and adopted on a much larger scale than it currently is at present.


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