Osmosis To Help Rebus Debut Its Coin To Public Via A PCD

ByEdward Thompson

Sep 26, 2022

RebusChain, a platform that is determined to take the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry to the mainstream sector has made a new announcement.

The company has announced that by the end of the year, it is aiming to launch its token. The new coin will be offered to the public through the public coin distribution (PCD) program.

RebusChain Launches New Token

RebusChain has announced that the users who support their platform will be able to acquire the new coins they are to launch in late 2022.

The users will be able to acquire them by becoming part of the liquidity bootstrap pool (LBP). The particular pool will be launched through the Osmosis Network that is supporting them with the launch of the new token.

With the launch of the new token, their company will have achieved a new milestone. The Rebus project has had a successful operational tenure in different sectors.

The platform’s expertise is in the financial sector and they have formed multiple partnerships to boost the growth of their business.

Their latest collaboration is with Osmosis Network that is to facilitate them in promoting their new token and circulating it to the interested cryptocurrency community.

Rebus has a Strong and Experienced Team

Rebus is one of the most successful companies that has explored multiple sectors. Some of its major endeavors are traditional finance, cybersecurity, and entrepreneurship.

The company has highly experienced teams and experts from the financial industry and over time, they have made a strong team of highly talented technological gurus.

This is the reason why Rebus feels confident that it can make a huge difference in the decentralized finance sector with its IT and software teams.

RebusChain Platform

Rebus is determined to launch a new platform that is going to offer multiple products and offers to users. The users will be able to use $REBUS, which is the new utility token they are planning to launch through the PCD.

Rebus has confirmed that its platform will be highly regulated and streamlined. The users will be able to interact with the platform, which is fast and secure to interact with and process transactions.

One of the key selling features of their platform is that the transactions processed through their platform would incur very low costs.

Information about the $REBUS Token

Rebus already carried out the airdrop for its $REBUS token back on September 12, 2022. Once the token is launched, it will be able through all sorts of decentralized and centralized platforms.

The users will also be able to acquire the LBP token through the Osmosis platform that is to act as an automated market-maker (AMM).

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