Microstrategy CEO Says Institutional Investors Are Still Entering The Bitcoin Market

ByTroy Morris

Jan 4, 2021

Ever since Bitcoin began its sporadic rise, which was first witnessed in 2016, investors in the financial market have been making a case for the digital asset. The bullish run that took place in 2017, which saw Bitcoin set an all-time high price of above $19,000, bought over most of the population in the entire market.

With Bitcoin now undergoing what would be termed the most healthy bullish run, the digital asset has broken records and has continued to move in leaps and bounds. With the digital asset presently moving up rapidly, one can conclude that it is still in the business of setting all-time records.

Bitcoin would store up to $250 million in value

The more the digital asset makes a surge, the more the investor it draws into the crypto industry. Backing up this claim, the CEO of Microstrategy, Michael Saylor, had let the entire market in on a little secret when he granted an interview with Hedgeye.

According to Michael Saylor, assets worth $250 million are presently looking for a store of value, and Bitcoin has been seen as the go-to asset. In the interview, Saylor gave several reasons why he thinks that most investors would be rushing into the crypto market to buy and hold the leading digital asset.

In his words, Saylor noted that if we are going to question ourselves about which asset would upset the dollar and change the lives of numerous people, in turn, the answer is Bitcoin. Buttressing his point, Saylor noted that Bitcoin could displace about 6,000 other digital assets in the entire crypto market to become the premier cryptocurrency that everyone wants to hold.

While making an example, Saylor cited leading companies excelling in their respective fields, such as Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. Finally, Saylor notes that everyone still has the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin before the rest of the world begins to adopt the asset on a larger scale.

Saylor says Bitcoin is the digital gold

Bitcoin has been regarded as one of the best store of value in recent times, and if anyone would hope to store his values over a long period, Bitcoin is the go-to asset. Making this point, Saylor said that a person can decide to invest in Bitcoin now so that when the person does, his grandchildren would be able to reap the benefits of the investment.

Backing up his point, he notes that if a person decides to put all his funds into real estate for 30 years minimum, then that person would have to pay tax for every year that he holds the property. Unlike bonds and other assets that would bring little or no rewards over a long time, Bitcoin promises maximum wealth over a long period of time, as seen from its inception in 2009 till now.

With Bitcoin making massive moves, Michael Saylor believes that various large scale investors would be looking to pool their funds into the digital asset. “Even though there is no clear cut way to make people see the similarities between gold and Bitcoin, various high scale investors are seeing that it is the digital version of gold and they are taking this opportunity,” the CEO of Microstrategy said.

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