Ethereum Team Promises Smooth Completion In Transition To Ethereum 2.0

ByTroy Morris

Dec 5, 2020

The Beacon Chain, the first phase of Ethereum, launched on the first day of December, followed with excitement from the cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have been anticipating its launch since last year. The team will be continuously working on launching several other phases under Ethereum 2.0.

After the new phase launch, some newbies to the cryptocurrency space might be oblivious of the process of migration to the new phase. Many forums are filled with eager investors asking how to migrate to the new stage and participate in the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The transition requires no effort from the holders.

Why the new Blockchain technology is different

The new phase has a unique mechanism different from the one used in the original Ethereum platform. The proof of stake is expected to give a faster, secure, and more efficient platform for transactions. It’s an upgraded platform that saves miners the stress of solving complicated mathematic equations and validating blocks more quickly. Phase 0 introduced the mechanism, but the final stage, Phase 2, is expected to migrate the POS technology fully.

Crypto enthusiasts would agree that the community can be complicated with so much information to keep tabs on. When blockchain technology upgrades with the hard fork, investors must transfer their tokens might make people wonder the steps they have to take to transition in a limited time. Investors don’t want to miss out on important information, so the cryptocurrency team made the transition effortless.

The new platform requires no transfer from the old to the new, unlike the expected notion. This will make things smoother and more comfortable for many people who are not very technologically inclined. No transfer is needed for online wallets or exchanges following the creation of the new phase.

The old platform will be fused into the new one, requiring no transfer of data instead of the usual hardfork-based blockchain technology, which gives a limited time to ensure transfers of tokens to the new platform risk loss of the asset.

How to stake successful in time for anticipated event

Some sources claim that proof of stake will help widen investors’ business opportunities on the popular cryptocurrency platform. Investors can also stake their ETH to create new blocks and offer quick attestation with the latest technology.

Being a certified validator on the platform, they have to run a full node and staked 32 ETH, deposited in an official wallet. Interested Candidates should stay tuned for more information as regards the process.

Based on the tightness of the requirement, some individuals use specific staking companies to help with the staking. These cryptocurrency players are old in the business and take care of the complicated aspects of the staking at a price.

Some of these big names like Binance have declared their migration into the new phases and have comprehensive explanations on their staking services for consumers. In conclusion, investors do not need to perform any action to be successfully migrated to the new phase. They can also deposit their ETHs to participate in the highly anticipated staking process.

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