Ethereum CEO Is Regarded As A God In China

ByTroy Morris

Mar 3, 2021

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has been regarded as one of the most amazing crypto figures, standing side-by-side with Elon Musk. Even though most people don’t know him too well, they know his digital asset, Ethereum, is the second-ranked asset in the crypto market. While he is relatively unknown to others, the Ethereum founder shares an uncommon bond with citizens of Asian country China. This relationship has been ongoing since the first time Ethereum was released, with the Chinese helping in skyrocketing the asset’s fame across the market. The love they have for him is overwhelming up to the point that he is now being referred to by his nickname in the country, The V God.

The Chinese community has always backed Ethereum

The nickname was supposed to be something that would be treated as a joke, just like every other nickname in the world. But in China, this particular nickname shows that a lot of the population of one of the most populous countries in the world holds Buterin in high esteem. China has continued to be the haven for Buterin and his coin and other Ethereum developers and traders.

Even at that, most people are happy with the fact that they rallied around Buterin when he started the Ethereum idea and backed him fully. Buterin hosted his normal question and answer series in China last week on Zoom due to the pandemic-enforced social distancing rule.

The session was conducted and hosted by Bihu, a crypto exchange platform in China, Dr. Bin Lu. Asides from being the founder of the crypto exchange, Bin Lu has been seen as one of the first pivoters of Ethereum, and up till this moment, he takes pride in the fact that he is still a seasoned enthusiast of the digital asset.

Buterin hosts Q&A AMA in China

In the AMA session, Buterin was tasked with various questions about all of the projects that they were working on, including the Ethereum 2.0, which he answered perfectly. The most amazing aspect of the whole session was Buterin choosing to answer the questions in their native Chinese language. With Binance Smart Chain now in the works, many people in the space see China as a country that has worked on various blockchains that were originally copied from the owners.

However, that perception has been treated as false because the Chinese community has been one of the famed backers of Ethereum since its inception and up till this moment. Talking about the humble beginning of Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin, the da bing that took place saw the light shed on how vital the Chinese Ethereum community is and their projections for 2021.

Buterin, on his part, has been a welcomed visitor in all of his visits to China, with the Ethereum CEO always spending time and learning the language. Even though most people know about the success of Ethereum in the ICO that took place in 2017, many people were not aware of the struggles that the project faced at the beginning stages.

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