Crypto Investors Ask Donald Trump To Grant Assange, Snowden, and Ulbricht Pardons

ByTroy Morris

Dec 7, 2020
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There has been some form of tension within the last 44 days of Donald Trump as the United State’s president. Many people have been making some exciting requests for the president to include in his last office days. One of those requests includes sudden calls by some crypto investors to pardon these three individuals who are members of the crypto community.

Crypto enthusiasts want Silk Road founder pardoned

These crypto enthusiasts call for the pardon of Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road founder. By January 20, Donaldo Trump would hand over America’s leadership to Joe Biden, followed by the latter’s official inauguration. The American president has an executive power of granting pardons, and people have explored his powers to initiate the request.

Through his Twitter handle, Jason Williams, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital asset, shared some thoughts on the pardons. He asked the president to do the right things by granting Snowdon and Ulbricht pardons. Jason predicted that Trump’s tenure could be remembered differently if the president did so. He also said that humanity would benefit from his act, and he encouraged others to retweet to spread the tweet far and wide. The host of the popular podcast ‘What Bitcoin did,’ Peter McCormack, also made a request when he asked that Assange be pardoned alongside those mentioned earlier.

The names have been popping up mouths of different people, with the same purpose of getting them pardons. Interestingly, Ulbricht, one of the convicts with the clamor for his release, has life sentences based on hefty charges. The Silk Road founder was found guilty as charged based on conspiracy to traffic narcotics, hacking, and money laundering.

Snowdon has been through many troubles going from a country to another based on charges against him. The whistleblower left the US for Russia seven years ago to seek asylum. The department of justice charged him for stealing government properties and violating the espionage Act of 1918. Since his move, he has been working on permanently becoming a Russian citizen.

Several national authorities also charged Assange, and also the possibility of having sexual assault charges against him. The US federal government also charged him for violating the Espionage Act of 1918, same as Snowdon, for leaking vital US details on his website. It was revealed that the man is currently behind bars in the UK, waiting to be charged by the US.

Critics frown at US President’s executive power

The US executive power gives the president unlimited power to grant pardons, according to a Supreme court judgment. This power has gotten a lot of criticism on various platforms and some rumors of the president granting himself pardon before handling his authority to Biden. The businessman turned president has been seen using his executive powers to grant pardons for many individuals within his four years as the US president of people charged with Federal crimes.

No matter the criticism, the president can grant as many people as he wants a pardon, either based on public opinion or personal decisions. Trump mentioned late this year that he would think about granting a pardon for Assange, and crypto players have taken their Twitter handles to remind the president.

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