CFloki X and CTXC among Top Gainers in Past 24-hours

ByEdward Thompson

Dec 6, 2021

In the past 24-hours, several cryptocurrencies have risen to fame and have gained a lot of spotlights. However, some cryptocurrencies have outperformed others in terms of growth in their prices.

Among these cryptocurrencies is Christmas Floki X (CFloki X) which is currently on the top spot with 526.75% growth in the past 24-hours. Following the surge, CFloki X’s price has come all the way up to $0.00000001835 per CFloki X. It is not just the past 24-hours performance that has proven to be promising for CFloki X, as it observed 3453.85% growth in the past 7-days. As for the past 30-days, the growth has remained in greens, demonstrating a high figure of 3450.13%.

CFloki X’s growth trading volume in the past 30-days has been $11,168,218, $2,912,332 in the past 7-days, and $408,205 in the past 24-hours. CFloki X is a rebasing coin that will allow users to earn rewards and bonuses for buying and holding CFloki X in their wallets or staking pools. Based on the mechanism of CFloki X, it is being hoped that the rebasing token will continue with its high trend until the end of Christmas. According to reports, CFloki X aims to hold a huge bonus giveaway on Christmas day and wants users to participate as much as possible until then.

Then the next highest gainer in the past 24-hours is Cortex (CTXC). The data from CoinMarketCap shows that in the past 30-days, CTXC’s price has surged by 429.87%, which is a huge achievement for the newly launched AI token. The token has been created and launched for supporting artificial intelligence-related projects and working towards an ecosystem that focuses on the democratization of AI.

As the world is moving towards the metaverse and virtual reality space, it is just a matter of time the AI technology will be inducted into such spaces. This would play a huge role in supporting the metaverse and virtual reality spaces within the crypto-space. Even in the past 7-days, CTXC has demonstrated 548.12% growth, versus its 504.44% growth in the past 24-hours.

Even the trading volume observed by CTXC in the past 30-days has been growing significantly. In the past 30-days, its trading volume was $16,035,704,588, for the past 7-days, it was 2,296,116,046, and for the past 24-hours it is $2,260,276,680. At the time of writing, CTXC’s price is at $1.29 per CTXC and it has a market capitalization of $217,385,225.

Although CTXC has been observing high growth since its launch, the TradingView and CoinMarketCap graph shows a promising trend for CTXC. Even the analysts are taking the integration of AI technology into the metaverse and virtual reality protocols. The analysts have already added these factors into CTXC’s growth chart, which shows an even higher adoption rate for CTXC.

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