Syscoin partners with Trust token to integrate stablecoins

ByTroy Morris

Dec 2, 2020

In a bid to provide viable solutions to the Ethereum Blockchain space, Syscoin, a protocol designed for e-commerce, has partnered with Trust token, a stable coin platform. The partnership’s objective is not only to provide more solutions to Ethereum; it also aims to speed up payment for users in the space.

The Decentralized nature of the services of Syscoin ensures that this partnership benefits the whole crypto space. This partnership also means that all of TrustToken’s five stable coins – TUSD, TGBP, THKD, TCAD, and TAUD will link up to Syscoin and alternatively run on its blockchain platform.

Sycoin helps developers leverage Bitcoin and blockchain

Syscoin, Established in 2014 through a Bitcoin fork, is an open-source Blockchain development platform and cryptocurrency. It’s token is a merge-mineable Sha256 coin. The Syscoin development team provides various helpful services that leverage the Bitcoin protocol and blockchain technology.

It also boasts a long history of blockchain technology breakthroughs, corporate and grassroots partnerships, and an unbreakable commitment to bring crypto to the mainstream. It was specifically created for e-commerce trading and purpose. The platform can transact for a low fee in less than 10 seconds Using Zero Confirmation Directed Acyclic Graph (Z-DAG) platform.

TrustToken, founded in 2017 by Rafael Cosman, who currently doubles as its CEO, is labeled as the future of finance in the cryptocurrency space. The platform aims to create asset-backed tokens that can be used for buying and selling around the world. The company’s first asset token is TrueUSD, a stablecoin that you can redeem 1-for-1 for US dollars.

The TrustToken platform also wants to make available an open financial system for everyone. It’s stablecoins are the first and only independent fully collateralized coins. It has partnered with the likes of Chainlink (the biggest DeFi project by market cap) and NEAR Protocol.

Stablecoins provide a safe payment gateway

Stablecoins have proven in the past that they always need flexible platforms to work on, which is what the Syscoin platform typically provides. With issues such as high fees, vulnerability to hacks, and impaired speed on the rise, Platforms like Syscoin have proven to do a lot of good, at least better than the Ethereum platform limited by these issues.

The partnership aims to create secure token payments at a flexible and low-risk exchange with Ethereum while ensuring that TrustToken’s stablecoins become more efficient and cheaper. The project also boasts merge mining, which gives users the ability to mine two cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as SYS and BTC.

The aim of this partnership suggests that Ethereum users can enjoy some additional benefits compared to the previous one. The Chairman of the Syscoin Foundation, Jag Sidhu, believes that digital assets requirements are more fulfilling with Syscoin. He hopes that the TrustToken family of stablecoins gain a significant advantage with Syscoin.

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