Shiba Inu (SHIB) Bulls Target $0.00003500 – Price Prediction

ByDawn Pipkin

Oct 12, 2021

Brief –

  • Shiba Inu’s price has maintained bullishness since September ending.
  • Meanwhile, SHIB witnessed some profit-booking after the bullish spike, and SHIB’s price began to fade.
  • Bulls maintained their actions, restoring the token’s upside run, targeting $0.00003535 at the moment.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has recorded impressive price actions since September. Meanwhile, the meme asset suffered slight retracements on 7 October. Bulls acted with due diligence and patient, awaiting an entry and seem to control the market, for now, attempting to take SHIB to $0.00003535. From here, the asset will clear the road to $0.0000400 before completing the current upsurge.

Shiba Inu to Hit $0.0000400 by Maintaining Its Supporting Trend-Line

The past Shiba Inu sessions had bulls overpowering bears. Keep in mind that bearishness has had the chance to reverse the bullish run since September ending. Meanwhile, SHIB price moves resupplied bullish run after forming an ascending trend-line on 9 October. For now, bulls are regaining the price zones they surrendered following the profit-taking on 7 October.

Reclaiming the $0.00002775 levels had bulls entering long positions, and the meme coin regained a considerable breakthrough past this zone, eagerly trying to attack the price areas at $0.00003115. However, market players can expect Shiba Inu to retrace slightly to secure the support at $0.00002775.

With that, the canine-themed crypto will see a magnified bullish rally to overcome $0.00003115. After that, it might rise towards $0.00003535, its 7 October high. Such price actions will create a double top formation.

Shiba Inu has the probability of sustaining a massive price swing that will witness bulls pushing to $0.0000400. However, that will necessitate increased volume by buyers and the correct catalysts. Without that, the Dogecoin competitor might hit $0.00003535 and begin to correct once more.

If Shiba Inu encounters challenges and bulls venture into profit-taking, forgetting to respect their targeted price levels, market players can see the asset incurring massive reversals. That can see SHIB hitting the low around $0.0000200. It is a vital level that bulls would defend since failure to that will clear $0.00003535 in the asset’s sights.

Though the optimism, Shiba Inu bulls should magnify their actions to support the meme coin. Do you think that SHIB has the essentials to hit its targets? Share your thoughts below.

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