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ByTroy Morris

Dec 31, 2020
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At QuantBitex, all your trading activities are carried out by the algo-trading bots. As far as making decisions related to leverage and other activities are concerned, you can always count on your Financial Advisor, who is dedicated to handling all your financial activities and ensures that you do not have to worry about any loss or failure.

QuantBitex Review

QuantBitex logoIt was just eleven years ago when the online trading platform was introduced to a new member known as “Cryptocurrencies”. The cryptocurrency industry came into being with the launch of first-ever crypto-asset that is prominently known as “Bitcoin – BTC”. When Bitcoin (BTC) was developed and introduced by an anonymous personality known as Satoshi Nakamoto, it was not welcomed into the online trading industry the same way as the rest.

With the passage of time, the cryptocurrency industry started gaining popularity and recognition throughout the online trading platforms. Now, the industry has made its way to the financial institution sectors as well as global economy.

Broker QuantBitex
Website QuantBitex.com
Trading Type Cryptocurrencies
Trading Style Automated (Financial Advisor-backed)
Trading Accounts Four (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
Annual Savings Up to 9%
No-interest Loan Up to 40% of Deposit
Minimum deposit 250 EUR
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Customer Service 24/5

How Simple was Crypto-Trading in its Initial Phases?

When the cryptocurrency industry was first launched, it only had very few cryptocurrencies and user-following in its initial phase. That was the time, when things were very easy and simple for the cryptocurrency trading sector.

Some of the major factors that made cryptocurrency trading easy in the initial phases were fewer cryptocurrencies, small user-base/adoption rate, and small crypto-trading markets. Because of these factors, the cryptocurrency trading exchanges did not have to invest that much effort and energy and analyzing the markets and generating signals for the users.

When it came to cryptocurrencies, there were not many digital-assets that were introduced by the programmers so number of cryptocurrencies to monitor, assess, and analyze was too low. When it came to user-base in the cryptocurrency space, there were not many users/followers because of the “decentralized” nature of the crypto-industry. As majority of the people were too skeptical to invest their money in crypto-trading, it did not gain a lot of adoption in the first few years of its launch.

As far as the crypto-markets are concerned, because of the number of cryptocurrencies was very slow, there were not many cryptocurrencies flowing through the markets that had to be monitored and analyzed 24/7. This is the reason why cryptocurrency trading was extremely easy when it was first launched.

QuantBitex cryptocurrency investment

How Much as the Crypto-Trading Industry Grown?

In the current times, the situation is no longer the same as it used to be in the past for crypto-trading. Unlike the beginning of the crypto-industry, it now has more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies currently flowing the crypto-markets and many more keep getting added up to the list every other day.

When it comes to the total number of cryptocurrency exchanges trying their best to keep up with the cryptocurrencies, their data, and their reporting, there are currently more than 500 crypto-trading exchanges in the field.

No matter how many cryptocurrencies have been introduced and how many trading markets have been added, what more shocking is the total number of active users that the cryptocurrency trading industry has managed to grow in the recent years. As per the latest figures, the total number of unique-active users currently trading through the cryptocurrency-trading platform is more than 100 million while the total number of registered users on the platform are more than 195 million.

With so many cryptocurrency trading assets, so many crypto-markets, and an enormous amount of investors, things have become extremely difficult and complex for the cryptocurrency brokers to handle. What used to be a cup of tea for a single trading expert or analyst has now becoming impossible to handle even with a team of hundred or more individuals.

What Mistake are Majority Cryptocurrency Exchanges Making?

Now that the cryptocurrency industry has grown big and even bigger than the rest of the online trading instruments when it comes to the user-base, things have become tough and complex for the analysts and trading experts to handle.

This was the time when the developers and analysts had to bring innovation and new ideas to the crypto-trading table. It had become extremely important to introduce new systems and mechanisms that were run through automation and algorithms in order to provide convenience to the users and make their crypto-trading lives easier.

However, instead of facilitating the users/investors, majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges preferred building systems and tools that would help their lives easier and automate the processes for them. The most that majority of the cryptocurrency trading exchanges managed to achieve was develop bots that would automate signaling process for them.

With the development of these algorithmic bots, the process of gathering data, processing/analyzing it, and sharing the findings/results in the form of signals with users was handed over to the bots.

The only advantage the signaling bots offered the users was to provide them with suggestions related to the cryptocurrencies, prices, trends, best trading markets, upcoming events, and factors affecting the crypto-trades. However, for a new trader, most of the information would be of no use because of their experience in the crypto-trading industry.

QuantBitex’s Solution to the Problem

This is where QuantBitex came to the frontline and joined the ranks for major crypto-exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase that are currently ranked as the top crypto-trading exchanges to due to the innovative and reliable solutions they have to offer their clients.

Being a customer-centric cryptocurrency trading exchange, the development team at QuantBitex has ensured that the tools and the facilities it develops are for the well-being of traders and creates as user-friendly and automated trading environment for them as possible. With aims to introduce innovation, technological advancements, and convenience, QuantBitex has gone an extra mile for their users.

When it comes to automation through crypto-bots, QuantBitex has not limited its services and resources to run the bots from gathering data from the crypto-markets, analyzing it, and then providing signals to the users. QuantBitex has ensured that the bots technology is utilized to do and perform way more than just providing trading signals to their customers.

QuantBitex trading robot

QuantBitex’s Crypto-Trading Bots

Just when the trading community thought that crypto-trading had become too difficult to handle or it was a job only for the veteran/well-experienced traders, QuantBitex has provided its users with completely automated trading solution.

The developing as well as programming team at QuantBitex spent an enormous amount of man-hours to come up with crypto-trading bots that are fully capable of performing crypto-trades on your behalf without the need of disturbing you. These bots have been designed with technology and algorithms that are considered the most sophisticated and complex in their sectors.

By integrating these bots with the most advanced technological algorithms, these bots have been developed to ensure that perform all the necessary checks and run through all the possible scenarios before making any decision or taking any action. With the help of the trading bots created by QuantBitex, the investors have nothing to worry about their investments, markets, analysis, reports, trends, or anything related to cryptocurrencies. All they need to do is to keep an eye on their account and see the money flowing in.

How QuantBitex’s trading Bots Make Your Life Easier?

With QuantBitex’s trading bots on your side, you will never have to worry about crypto-trading again. These bots are fully equipped with the knowledge, information, and necessary protocols to ensure that they never miss a thing and never give you the chance to ever complain about any loss in a deal or a position. When it comes to providing you with ease of trading and facilities, QuantBitex’s trading bots are capable of providing you with the following benefits and how these bots distinguish themselves with other exchanges or bots:

You Sleep but the Trading Bots Do Not

Unlike forex trading markets, the cryptocurrency trading markets are open 24/7 and just because of this, an investor doing all the trades and investments on his/her own would be at a disadvantage. One of the major elements in the cryptocurrency industry is that it is the most volatile trading market. This means that every second, there is a change in the prices of the assets being traded.

When it comes to humans, it is completely impossible to be awake and available 24/7 to monitor and analyze the crypto-trading market, let alone making trading decisions. Most of the times, a perfect and the most profitable deal can be missed out because of the investor’s absence in that particular moment.

This is when QuantBitex’s trading bots come in and provide you with complete convenience of doing the trades on your behalf. If the crypto-markets do not sleep, so does the trading bots. These bots constantly track the trading markets, gather data, run analysis, and find the best asset, time, and market to trade in. Therefore, you can just sit back, relax, and let QuantBitex’s trading bots do what they have been created to do.

Humans Have Emotions, Bots Do Not

No matter how generic a human becomes, he/she would always have a heart, which means that there will always be an element of emotion involved in any activity that a human performs and crypto-trading is no exception.

There are many instances when a person bets on the same number two different times and both times, he/she wins a jackpot on it. The same person would eventually select the same numbers on the third attempt thinking that these numbers are lucky for him/her. This is exactly where the emotional element kicks in and things become illogical.

Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency trading industry is filled with similar cases and scenarios where investors ended up losing all their savings just because they thought a particular asset was too lucky for them and kept on investing in it even when the signals suggested otherwise.

However, when you have QuantBitex’s trading bots taking care of your trades, then the emotional element is nullified and all your trades are executed after careful analysis, measurements, and calculations made by the algo-trading bots. So when there are no feelings or emotions involved, all your trades are logical and to the point.

QuantBitex financial advisors

Humans Make Errors, Bots Do Not

Another element that is involved when the humans are performing trades or carrying out any other activities is ‘Errors’. Whether Apple, Microsoft, or any other technological giant, every company tends to make mistakes every now and then. The main factor is that in every sector, there is human involvement and when there are humans involved, there are chances of errors and mistakes popping up.

This is where QuantBitex’s trading bots come in to save the day and make sure that there are zero mistakes or errors committed while performing trades. The technology and sustainability that has gone behind the making of these bots has enabled them to gather and process an enormous amount of data without making a single error.

With all the information gathered and processed, these trading bots leave no stone unturned when gathering the data and processing it to run all possible scenarios before executing any actions. Therefore, your trades are complete safe and secure with these trading bots.

Trading Accounts Offered by QuantBitex

When it comes to your input, the only thing that you are required to do is to make an investment through a deposit and the rest will be taken care of by the financial advisor that is dedicated to you by QuantBitex. However, QuantBitex does offer you a variety of trading accounts that you can choose to start doing your trades.

Each trading account developed and introduced by QuantBitex is based on the amount of money that you are willing to invest. Each account comes with a variety of facilities and services that you can avail through QuantBitex and the level of benefits also increase based on the trading account that you choose:

Basic Trading Account

In order to get your hands on the ‘Basic’ crypto-trading account, all you need to do is make a deposit of minimum €250.

Once the minimum deposit has been made, you gain access to services and benefits such as 1:50 leverage, 10% non-interest loan on deposit, and 6% no-risk deposit account per annum.

Silver Trading Account

The ‘Silver’ crypto-trading account can be acquired by making a deposit of minimum €2,500.

Once the deposit has been made the amount of services and benefits that you can avail from QuantBitex increases significantly. Some of the major benefits that you gain through the silver trading account include 1:100 leverage, 20% non-interest loan on deposit, and 7% no-risk deposit account per annum.

Gold Trading Account

The ‘Gold’ crypto-trading account offered by QuantBitex can be acquired by making a deposit of minimum €25,000.

Once you are done with making the deposit and are in its possession, the number of facilities and benefits that you can goes enormously high.

Some of the major benefits and services that you get to avail through QuantBitex’s gold account include 1:200 leverage, 30% non-interest loan on deposit, 8% no-risk deposit account per annum.

In addition to the above, you also gain benefits such as direct phone number to your account manager, daily market reviews, webinars, one-on-one coaching sessions, trading alerts, daily analysis reports, event trading, a complete plan for money management, free NFP trading signals, and VIP Memberships Program.

Platinum Trading Account

The ‘Platinum’ crypto-trading account is the highest level of investments that you can make through QuantBitex. In order to gain access to the benefits and services of this unique account, you are required to make a deposit of minimum €100,000.

Once the required deposit has been made, you can full access to the services and benefits that are currently available through QuantBitex.

Some of the major services that you get to avail include 1:400 leverage, 40% non-interest loan on deposit, 9% no-risk deposit account per annum.

In addition to the above mentioned services, you also become eligible for services such as daily market news-reviews, have a direct phone number to get in touch with your account manager. You get to have one on one educational/coaching sessions, VIP Memberships program, event trading, and management plan for money, free NFP trading signals, and events analysis.

Deposits and Withdrawals through QuantBitex

The first step to become a part of the QuantBitex’s revolutionary trading solution is to open up an account. Therefore, you are required to make a deposit of at least €250 to open an account at QuantBitex.

However, the team at QuantBitex knows very well how important your money and assets are and you have all the rights to be skeptical about your hard-earned money. This is why QuantBitex has tried its best to keep things as simple and comprehensible for you as possible.

So if you plan on becoming a part of the QuantBitex’s revolutionary trading squad, then you can start by making a minimum deposit either through bank wire transfer, Visa/MasterCard, Maestro, or even Bitcoin (BTC).

As far as the withdrawals are concerned, QuantBitex is again aware of how desperate and anxious one becomes when its money on the online. However, QuantBitex needs to ensure that the withdrawals being requested are through your account and do not end up being sent over to some wrong accounts. This is the reason why the finance teams at QuantBitex go through all the checks before proceeding with the transfers to your bank account.

QuantBitex’s Adherence to KYC Regulations

Being one of the highly reputed cryptocurrency trading platforms, it is the duty of QuantBitex to ensure that it is fully compliant with the regulations put in place by the regulators. As per recent reports, it has been established that majority of the cryptocurrency trading exchanges do not adhere to the KYC regulations. The exchanges adopt this maneuver to attract more users and investments towards their platform and as a result, they end up providing a safe-haven to the foul and corrupted.

However, QuantBitex is clear and straightforward when it comes to adhering to the regulations where Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policy is at the top of the list.

What does QuantBitex Require to Verify Your Identity?

When it comes to verifying your identity, QuantBitex would ask for your personal identification information (PII) and may run a check on your profile to see if you are involved in any unethical financial activities of not.

QuantBitex security measures

What Security Measures Does QuantBitex has in Place?

As far as the security of your account and assets are concerned, it is QuantBitex’s responsibility to ensure that it provides you with the most secure and safe trading environment. In addition to this, QuantBitex wants to make sure that your personal information is safe and is out of the reach of any third-party imposters or hackers.

This is the reason why QuantBitex has adopted the most advanced and protected security “SSL” system. With the help of the SSL system, QuantBitex establishes an encrypted connection between its server and the client to ensure no third-party interference is caused no matter the activity or exchange of data between the two entities.

QuantBitex’s Real-Time Support

When it comes to real-time support from QuantBitex, the exchange has completely knocks it out of the park by providing you with real-time assistance not only from one but three different priority levels:

Financial Advisor

At QuantBitex, all your trading activities are carried out by the algo-trading bots. As far as making decisions related to leverage and other activities are concerned, you can always count on your Financial Advisor, who is dedicated to handling all your financial activities and ensures that you do not have to worry about any loss or failure. At QuantBitex, all your trading activities are done by the trading bots and by your financial advisor.

Account Manager

In addition to the dedicated financial advisor, you can also have access to get in touch with your account manager directly. If you have any concerns or your queries that need urgent attention and actions, and you see your financial advisor is not being as cooperative as he/she needs to be, then you know who to get in touch with.

Customer Service

When it comes to queries and problems that you feel do not require urgent attention or have any question that pops up in your mind at any hour, you can always get in touch with QuantBitex’s 24/7 customer support.

QuantBitex’s customer support comprises of individuals who are highly experienced and skilled in their field. They are fully dedicated to provide you with the best solution in the most effective way possible. So if you have any question, you can always write an email and shoot it at support@QuantBitex.com and a representative will surprise you with a prompt response.

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