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ByTroy Morris

Dec 25, 2020
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Starting your trading career with RedRock500 can change your financial life completely. You are now aware of all of the services of the broker. So, you can now make your decision clearly. In my opinion, you should at least give a thought to this brokerage.


RedRock500 logoWhen you first step into the world of online trading, you will surely want to make sure that you earn a good trading experience. You do not want to face any trouble during your trading career and want to move forward with your career smoothly. And as a beginner, I don’t think so that you would be able to handle your trading process on your own. The reason is that you do not have enough understanding of how the trading market works at the beginning of your career. Any mistake can put you in a lot of trouble and you may lose your profits. This is exactly what you do not want. Therefore, I recommend you to use the services of a brokerage firm that can take care of you. A good brokerage firm can provide you with amazing trading services that can help you to execute your trading effectively. A broker also helps you understand the process of trading and the nature of financial markets where you trade.

So, you are advised to choose a broker to start your trading with if you want to earn a good trading experience. However, it is a critical decision to make as there are plenty of brokers working online and providing trading services to clients. In that case, it becomes difficult for a newbie trader to select the right broker. That’s where you can seek my help as I have done vast research on online brokerage firms and know exactly the names of brokers that come into the category of good brokers. One of those names is the RedRock500 broker. When I conducted research over this broker I found it pretty impressive after looking at the kind of features and trading tools it offers to its customers while providing them with a comfortable trading environment for effective trading. It is one of those brokers who make it their priority to take care of their customers.

I think this brokerage can be the ideal one for you. However, my duty is only to guide you and not to force you to sign up with this broker. I can provide each and every detail that you should know about this broker. All of the details provided in my review will help you in making your decision about whether you want to trade with this broker or not.


RedRock500 is a brokerage firm that promises to provide its clients with the best trading conditions for executing their trading in the financial market in an effective way. It allows you to trade your favorite cryptocurrencies, forex, or any other asset class you like under these effective trading conditions. This broker helps clients to build their confidence in trading so that they can trade in the financial market without feeling reluctant. RedRock500 makes sure that you go through the most exceptional trading experience when you trade with it. It has always been the ultimate mission of the brokerage firm since it was established.

The company behind this brokerage firm believes that traders should feel proud when they choose to trade with the RedRock500 broker. Therefore, it provides them with high-quality trading services as it does not want to let its clients down. It is the vision of the company to serve its loyal and fresh clients by offering them each facility they need such as the passionate team of customer service, the cutting edge technology, and the high level of integrity. In addition to this, those who choose to trade with this broker are provided with zero transaction fees, spreads as low as 1 pip, and the best policy for executing trades.

With RedRock500, you can trade with more than 100 financial instruments. It offers a trading platform that works fast and allows you to execute your transactions quickly. When you trade on the trading platform of this broker, you can execute nearly one hundred percent of your trades within the duration of just one second. Moreover, the company believes in offering high leverage on trading and therefore, offers trading leverage of up to 1:1000. Not all brokers out there provide you a high level of trading leverage. Most of the brokerage firms operating in the industry believe in providing low leverage as they think high leverage can have a lot of disadvantages. Those who trade with RedRock500 should consider themselves lucky.

Furthermore, the broker helps you in developing smart trading strategies and trading skills. The broker provides you with maximum policies in a bid to help you maximize your profits in trading.

It does not end here. There are still a lot of other features that you need to know. Let me elaborate on those features for you.

Variety In Asset Index

Diversifying your investment portfolio is one of the most crucial aspects of trading and every trader either beginner or professional is aware of it. The reason is that if your investment portfolio is diversified perfectly the chances of losing your money get reduced. With diversification, you can maximize your profits. However, diversification is only possible if you are provided with a vast asset index. If you only have one asset to trade with then you cannot diversify your portfolio. This is what you need to keep in mind while choosing a broker for you. You should check out whether the broker is offering you an extensive asset index or not. If it limits you to only a few assets then you should not go for it.

In that case, you need a broker like RedRock500 that offers a huge variety in asset index. There are many assets available for trading at the platform of this brokerage firm. The availability of many assets gives you an opportunity to choose the kind of asset you want to trade with. Also, it lets you diversify your portfolio in the way you want. A vast range of trading products such as Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Precious Metals, Stocks, and Commodities is available in the asset index offered by the broker. In the presence of these different trading products, you can easily make a good diversification.

·        Cryptocurrencies

Over the course of the past decade, the trend for trading cryptocurrencies has increased significantly. Cryptocurrency trading has attracted the attention of a large bunch of traders and investors. Looking at the rising demand from investors both from institutional as well as retailers, many cryptocurrency exchanges and brokerage firms started offering trading services for the famous digital currencies. The RedRock500 broker also took a step to add cryptocurrencies into its asset index when it was established. The broker did this in order to come upon the needs of those clients who have taste in cryptocurrency trading. From this, one can know how much this broker is committed to fulfilling the needs of its customers.

The broker has added support for the world’s largest digital currency in terms of market capitalization Bitcoin (BTC) as it is the most-famous or you can say the most-traded digital currency in the cryptocurrency market. Almost every cryptocurrency trader out there would want to trade with Bitcoin. The most lucrative quality of this digital currency is that it is decentralized and it is not controlled by any government. There is no one who controls it. Due to this anonymous nature of the leading digital currency, traders throw their investments into it. However, it is highly volatile in nature which may sometimes cause difficulty for new traders to understand it truly. But there is nothing to worry about for those traders who trade with RedRock500 as you will find this broker standing beside you at every critical time. It helps traders in understanding the volatile nature of the top-ranked cryptocurrency. It can guide you on how to understand the price movement of Bitcoin in the best way.

·        Forex

Everyone is familiar with forex trading as it is the most popular kind of online trading in the financial market. It is a kind of online trading that involves the exchanging of currencies. Every single day, more than $5 trillion in transaction moves in and out of the financial market. When a new trader steps into the financial market, he usually starts his trading career with Forex. Keeping this in view, the broker included Forex trading into its lists of offerings. With RedRock500, you can trade with the top-traded forex pairs in the market such as USD/EUR, USD/RUB, USD/CHF, EUR/AUD, and EUR/GBP. Out of these forex trading pairs, USD/EUR is one of the most used trading pairs in the forex market.

·        Precious Metals and Commodities

People have been trading with Precious Metals even before the era of the stock market or cryptocurrency market. Traders love to buy or sell precious metals. RedRock500 also provides you the opportunity to trade with the top precious metals. You can trade famous precious metals such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum with RedRock500. Most of the traders or investors consider it more beneficial to make an investment in Gold or any other precious metals as compared to investing in forex or cryptocurrencies. Though there has been a decrease in the popularity of precious metals trading after the invention of the first-ever decentralized digital currency Bitcoin and the stock market still there are some people who consider precious metals one of the most appealing assets. When it comes to trading with precious metals, one of the most heavily-traded continents in the world is Asia.

Traders trade commodities such as copper and crude oil on contract-based futures. There are two kinds of commodities soft and hard. RedRocks500 allows you to trade with both hard commodities such as oil, rubber, or gold and soft commodities such as soybeans, sugar, corn, coffee, and wheat. In the case of commodities, mostly American and European traders or investors have dominated the commodity market.

·        Stocks

You can also trade stocks with RedRock500. The stock market is another essential element of the trading industry. Stock trading is basically the purchasing or selling of shares of publicly traded firms. Like forex, stock trading is also very popular among investors. Over the course of time, it has assisted a lot of investors in changing their fortunes. By trading stocks with RedRock500, you can also turn your life all around. Stocks of various famous companies from across the whole world including Apple, Amazon, Google, Visa, Netflix, etc. have been added by the broker. Under the suitable trading conditions of the broker, you can earn as much profit as you can through stock trading.

RedRock500 Web Trader Trading Platform

No doubt, a trading platform is the key requirement of every trader and it is one of the most important things you need to notice while picking a broker for you. In most cases, some brokers claim to offer you a good trading platform in a bid to attract your attention. It may seem impressive to you at first instance. However, in an actual sense, these trading platforms do not work in the way you want them. They not only work slowly but they are also very difficult to navigate. Such kinds of trading platforms make it difficult for traders to execute their trades. And to trade easily without any trouble is the thing that traders want when they choose a broker. If a brokerage firm fails to fulfill this requirement then there is no meaning in signing up with that broker.

Instead, users should find a broker that does not make claims but in an actual sense provides you the best trading platform. For instance, the trading platform of the RedRock500 broker is one of the impressive trading platforms. The particular thing about RedRock500’s trading platform is that you can find each and every necessary tool required for trading on it. RedRock500 offers users a Web Trader trading platform. Only a few brokers are there that provide their clients with this trading platform. You can find technical indicators and multiple chart view options out there. Moreover, there are in detail market categories and real-time market updates as well. You can use this trading platform for opening or closing your trading positions effectively. You can open or close positions directly from the browser with just one single click. It saves your time which you can use in any other useful activity.

RedRock500 trading platform

In addition to this, the broker’s trading platform is very easy to navigate. Its interface is so easy and simple to understand that every kind of trader either fresh or experienced can use it very easily. Moreover, you can access the economic calendar, financial events, automated trading, and news on this trading platform. Another quality of this amazing trading platform is that it assists you in making wise decisions by letting you understand the true nature of the financial market.

You can use this trading platform on any device you want as it is compatible with all of the devices. The broker offers Web Trader for iOS devices, Android devices, and PC as well. There are no requirements or processes of installation for this trading platform and it also does not take a longer period of time to download it. A team of software developers and financial experts has developed this trading platform. The point is Web Trader of RedRock500 makes your trading more profitable and your trading experiences easier.

Variety In Account Selection

Before moving on picking a trading account for you, you first are required to sign up with the broker and register yourself. For signing up, go to the official website of the broker and fill in the sign-up form by providing your personal information such as your first name, last name, country of residence, phone number, email address, and password. Once you have provided the broker with these credentials you can consider yourself registered with the broker. Now you can move onto the next step that is to choose a kind of trading account.

As soon as you complete the sign-up process, the broker provides you with a lot of trading account types. Variety in account selection is one of the attributes of this broker. It does not limit you to only one account type rather there are different trading account types designed keeping in view the varying needs of different traders. The broker offers three account types namely Micro Account, Standard Account, and Big Account. You can choose to trade with any of these accounts.

·        Micro Account

When you trade with RedRock500, the first account type that you are provided with is the Micro Account. Beginner traders whose trading career is still at the basic level can access this trading account. This account can surely fulfill their each and every basic requirement. The broker offers them a leverage from 1:1 to 1:100 on trading. They can also enjoy tight spreads as low as 1 pip. There is also an option for traders to use Islamic account if they want. They can become the owners of this trading account simply by depositing an amount of $250 that is the minimum requirement for opening this account.

·        Standard Account

For intermediate traders, the brokerage firm has developed a separate account type with the name of the Standard Account. It is the most common type of trading account used by traders. This account can be opened with a minimum deposit amount of $5000. A trading leverage of 1:1 up to 1:1001 and a tight spread of 1 pip are also available in this trading account. The facility of an account manager is also available for the service of traders. The owner of this account type also has the facility of the Islamic account as optional.

·        Big Account

The third account type is called the Big Account. This account type suits the needs of advanced or professional traders. They can open up this account with a minimum deposit amount of $20,000 and can get access to the advanced features embedded in this trading account. All of the features present in the first two kinds of trading account are available in this account as well.

Social Trading

Social Trading is a very unique feature that only a few brokerage firms offer. I do not know about other brokers but you can enjoy this particular feature on the platform of the RedRock500 broker. When I was analyzing this brokerage I was surprised to know about this amazing feature. Many of you might have heard this term for the first time. So let me elaborate on this term for you. It is a kind of trading where you are allowed by the broker to copy the trades of other traders in the trading market. You become a part of the Social Trading Community where you can check out the profiles of other traders who are trading in a similar market where you trade. With RedRock500, you can start Social Trading from as low as 5$ without hidden costs or performance fees. You can start following the best-performing traders in the market while having full control over your account. Social Trading will help you in growing your capital.

Quality Customer Support Service

Customer Support Service is another area of RedRock500 where I have found this brokerage firm very strong. I am saying this as I have seen various brokers whose customer care service is very weak. But this broker did not disappoint me when i tested its customer service. It provides all of its customers with a high-quality service. It has a team of professionals that takes care of customers and their problems. The team is highly responsible and responsive to users. You can ask whatever you want and in a matter of minutes, you will get a response from the team. This team has a solution for every kind of issue you face no matter how much worst it is. You just have to reach out to the team and share the details of your problem and let the team take care of your problem. You can get support from the broker’s customer service team from Monday to Friday.

Is It Safe To Trade With RedRock500?

When you are going to trade with a broker, you are obviously going to hand over your personal information to that broker in the sign-up process. Also, the security of all of your assets remains in the hand of that broker. So, you are highly requested to be cautious when you choose a broker for you. You need to make sure that the broker you are picking up is the reliable and secure one. It should not compromise the security of your assets. You should find a broker like RedRock500 which shows seriousness in providing security to your financial assets and personal information.  It keeps your funds in separate accounts to ensure a high level of security. With strict security measures, it does everything in its hands to prevent your personal information from getting into the hands of malicious actors. Under its strict security system, you can feel safe to trade with your assets.

Final Words

Starting your trading career with RedRock500 can change your financial life completely. You are now aware of all of the services of the broker. So, you can now make your decision clearly. In my opinion, you should at least give a thought to this brokerage.

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