Mining of Bitcoin Suspended in a New York Border Town Following Aesthetic Concerns

ByEdward Thompson

Jul 29, 2021

As per the latest reports, a temporary ban on the mining of Bitcoin (BTC) has been imposed by Massena. Massena is reportedly a town in New York that runs along the border between New York and Canada. The reports confirm that a temporary ban has been imposed on the mining of Bitcoin in the town.

The reports reveal that the mining ban imposed on cryptocurrencies is due to the aesthetic concerns in the town. As a result, a 90-day suspension has been imposed on the mining activities of Bitcoin in the town. This announcement was made by the officials of the Massena town.

The news regarding the suspension of the mining activities for Bitcoin came to the front on Friday, July 30, 2021. This is going to have a slight blow-black on the mining activities of Bitcoin in the town. Furthermore, Bitcoin may end up facing a drop in its price as a result of the mining activity suspension.

The Massena town supervisor, Steve O’Shaughnessy was the representative who commented on the recent suspension of BTC mining activities in the town.

In the statement, O’Shaughnessy has stated that the Bitcoin miners have disrespected the town with their recent activities. He stated that the miners went ahead and spoiled the roads demonstrating how uncivil they are. He stated that the roads were littered by the miners with trailers that were loaded with random hardware. This hardware, alongside computers, is used for mining Bitcoin.

The local media channel WWNY-TV has closely monitored the situation and has run coverage on it for people’s enlightenment.

He stated that the miners are disrespecting the entire town by littering the road with trailers, which is completely unethical. He stated that the miners are always welcome to come over and start operating their mining centers.

However, the miners need to do it in a formal and ethical way. They need to get rid of the trailers and instead, they need to do it properly by building proper systems and places to do it.

According to the town officials, the Bitcoin mining activities are fully suspended in the town of Massena for the next 90-days. Throughout this time, they will be going ahead with removing all the mess and clutter from the roads. The roads are also occupied with containers that they are going to remove and off-road them.

According to the officials, they are not going to let anyone come from the outside or from inside litter their entire town. They also stated that going forward, if they find anyone breaking the law and deliberately trying to create a mess, they will be facing the consequences.

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