Klaytn Blockchain Rolls Out New Non-Fungible Token Minting Service

ByTroy Morris

May 28, 2021

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) had exploded in popularity not too long ago, with numerous artists, celebrities, and people of influence all contributing to the NFT space and acting as participants of some kind to varying degrees. Simply put, an NFT refers to any data unit which may be stored via a digital ledger, which is otherwise referred to as a blockchain. The goal is to certify and attest that the digital asset is, in fact, unique in its value and thus cannot be interchangeable in nature. Usually, NFTs are normally employed to represent everyday items like videos, photographs, audio as well as various other digital file types.

As per the most recent news, Klaytn’s (a public blockchain platform) developer, Ground X, announced the launch of a new NFT minting service known as ‘KrafterSpace,’ a service which is said to help make the process of creating as well as subsequently managing NFTs a simple and easy-to-use process for everyone involved. KrafterSpace will also enable its users to seamlessly create and then manage their respective digital items in an easy and accessible manner with minimal difficulty.

NFTs can now be instantly minted on Klaytn

Thanks to the aforementioned new service, users now have the ability to have their NFTs be instantaneously minted via Klaytn. The process of doing this can be as easy as uploading any video or image file. Furthermore, the process will also not include any kind of gas fees, much to the users’ delight.

Moreover, after successfully creating the NFTs, the users will then also have the option to put the NFTs on display on KrafterSpace’s main page and have their creation be shown next to the NFTs of the various other users.

Access to be granted through Kaikas

Kaikas, the wallet, which is also a web browser extension, may be utilized to access KrafterSpace. Kaikas is connected to Klaytn, and so users will be able to store the NFTs within their respective Kaikas accounts. This process is additionally supported through the relevant and popular NFT marketplace known as OpenSea. Lastly, users will be allowed to synchronize their own OpenSea accounts with their Kaikas wallets in order to begin trading with the NFTs.

Interestingly enough, Klaytn is actually the very 1st public blockchain platform (despite Ethereum) that is supported through OpenSea. The Klaytn based NFTs, which are currently available on OpenSea, include the likes of sports as well as game-related items, with more, said to be made readily available in the future.

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