Goldvence Review – Why Should You Pick This Broker?

ByTroy Morris

Jan 9, 2022

Goldvence Review

Goldvence logoGoldvence is a one-stop platform for everything related to the digital trading industry. Goldvence started trading activities in 2020 and it proved to be a great addition to the list of reliable brokers in the market. Online trading has become a new normal since the rise of cryptocurrency in the last decade. Read this Goldvence review to know more about this broker and trading in general.

Since its inception in 2020, the team has progressed from novice to expert in this discipline. They intended to build a space where everyone, regardless of their interest or expertise in cryptocurrencies, could buy, sell, study, and stay up to date. They established a trade-friendly, easy-to-navigate website with the most popular assets with the support of the enthusiastic and motivated coworkers.

To begin, you’ll need to choose a brokerage, which is typically required for traditional trading too. There are plenty of options available, including Goldvence, so that you won’t be limited. This high-end Forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD broker has grown into a huge star since its establishment in 2021.

If you want to get the most out of your trade, find a competent broker who offers a wide range of trading alternatives. Traders, especially when it comes to trading assets, want as many possibilities as possible. People invest in equities primarily for the purpose of trading. But what is the purpose of trading if your opportunities are restricted? And how will you stay inspired to continue trading for profitability if you are bored of doing it?

Even though not a single platform is perfect for every client, assessing your cryptocurrency and other instrument ambitions entails finding a reputable broker who can help you achieve your objectives.

Goldvence trading platform

The broker’s purpose is to make trading more accessible to anyone who wants to engage in the capital markets. These markets are fantastic for providing unlimited trading chances to everyone who wishes to acquire, and if you’re doing it correctly, you can make significant money.

As a result, you’ll need to make well-informed decisions about which brokerage to use for your trading. As they’re in charge of giving you the assets, platforms, terms, and facilities you’ll need to trade, this isn’t something you can bear to lose out on. Not just our way of life, but also the corporate world around us, is being transformed by the internet. This Goldvence broker evaluation can help you decide whether or not the broker’s products are right for you.

Innovating trading platform

In the realm of trading platforms, Goldvence is a revolutionary name. It was created to fulfill the needs of traders with a variety of interests and objectives. It stands out because of its one-of-a-kind appearance, usefulness, and elegance.

To improve their trading experience, Goldvence enables clients to choose from a choice of algorithmic trading techniques. Through web and mobile platforms, they have access to real-time, trustworthy tools, which helps to balance the field in the demanding world of trades and investments.

Their platforms are packed with new features and tools to offer customers everything they need to make wiser, more educated decisions, whether they’re continuously trading or making investments for the long term. You can explore stocks, conduct trades, and maintain your portfolios with information supported by live CNBC streaming, real-time quotations, and experts with decades of work expertise, regardless of the platform you pick.

Web-Based Platform

The Goldvence platform is a one-of-a-kind combination of cutting-edge technologies and trader-friendliness. The platform’s functionality will appeal to expert traders, while amateurs will find it simple to use.

The usage of wireless technologies in online trading is referred to as mobile trading. Rather than being restricted to conventional trading methods via computer, Goldvence enables traders to connect trading platforms from mobile phones. Mobile phone users may now properly monitor their portfolio even if they’re not near a desktop computer thanks to this technology.

Goldvence trading platform

Goldvence Assets

Due to the diversity of its holdings, Goldvence has a competitive advantage. It includes only significant instruments from all of the major markets, as well as the ability to explore different markets.   Customers in the highest tier can also make custom trading requests, which the brokerage will fulfill. A tiny number of brokers offer this service, but it is a substantial benefit for professional ones. Foreign currencies, equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies are among the trading assets accessible at Goldvence.

  • Cryptocurrency

Since the recent market surge, cryptocurrency has gained a lot of attention. No one really believed in this autonomous currency even after years of development. How could a cautious investor put his hard-earned capital in an asset he can’t see and isn’t even authorized by banking firms?

However, a few investors spent on it and are becoming millionaires with only a few hundred dollars. Goldvence does not want its customers to miss out on this immensely lucrative industry, so it offers a broad array of top-ranked cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and many others.

  • Commodities

A commodity market is a marketplace for buying, selling, and trading natural resources and basic goods. There are already over 50+ commodities markets around the world that facilitate trade in over 100 core commodities. Hard and soft commodities are commonly used to categorize commodities.

Grain, corn, coffee, sugar, soybeans, and other agricultural or livestock-based soft commodities, that must be harvested, are examples. Gold, silver, platinum, and gasoline are examples of hard commodities which must be mined.

Commodities markets offer consumers and businesses of commodities goods a centralized and convenient marketplace. Market players can also use primary commodities derivatives to handle future usage or output. Traders, mediators, and arbitrageurs all play a role in these markets. Hedgers also play a significant role in these markets.

  • Forex

The forex market is where currency trading happens. Currency is useful as it enables them to acquire products and services both within and outside of their country. Foreign currency must be swapped in order to conduct worldwide trade and business. In this global economy, there is no institutional marketplace for foreign money, which is a unique feature.

Forex trading takes place online, which means that all transaction takes place on the internet among investors around the world, rather than on one controlled exchange. At any time of the day, the forex market is quite active, with pricing offers constantly changing. On Goldvence, you can exchange currencies (Dollar, Euro, Pound) as well as minor currencies.

  • The Stock Market

A stock index is a statistic of a stock market section. The indicator measures the value of a company’s stock. The stock index is created by putting the values of several different equities together. It is a technique used by financial institutions and traders to assess the profits on various investments and to describe the sector.

The stock market index’s daily results are one of the most widely watched and important statistics in the world of trade and economics. Many traders use market indices to maintain their stock holdings and stay on top of financial markets. In the financial advisory sector, indices are deeply embedded, with funds adopting them as performance benchmarks. With Goldvence, you may trade stocks and begin increasing your portfolio right away.

Trading Accounts

A versatile broker always offers more than one account type to serve the requirements of multiple kinds of traders. Some traders have less budget to invest in and less risk tolerance while others want to play big games. Based on the investments, risk appetite, and experience in the trading field Goldvence offers 3 trading accounts for its customers.

The first account is Micro that is intended for beginners. It offers static spreads, and a Neonext trading platform, Leverage is up to 200. You will get news feeds, and access to personal account managers and financial calendars. The lot size is 0.1 on the Micro account.

The next account on the list is the Standard account. It has the same features as a Micro account, additionally, it offers a 25% welcome bonus, and leverages up to 300. The lot size is 0.5 on the Standard account.

The last account on the list is the Goldvence Premium account. It offers a 25% welcome bonus, and outstanding leverage of 400. It offers partial access to the masters. The lot size is 1 on the Premium account.

Personal Information

The confidential information they collect from the users is limited to the information required to provide them with the trade services they demand. Details such as the following are included in this information:

  • Names, location, date of the birth, profession, and ID/passport card.
  • Details of the previous trading experience.
  • Documents establishing residency, such as electricity bill receipts
  • Information about one’s financial situation, such as earnings and assets.
  • Documents demonstrating the validity of bank account information
  • Other information they’ll need to obtain in order to confirm legality, which we’ll do at their disposal.

The privacy of the clients is extremely important to the broker. The privacy policy is meant to ensure that no personal information you submit with either the creation of a trading account or either subsequent trading activity is ever used for purposes other than those for which it was provided. Goldvence goes to considerable measures to ensure that no sensitive details of any sort are ever shared with anyone who could misuse it.

They use the most up-to-date SSL encryption technologies, among other features. They only engage with service suppliers who adhere to the privacy practices and are entirely reliable. Your private details are only used in the ways you particularly given consent to, both by the broker and by any 3rd parties engaged in supplying you with the offerings you need for example payment transfer banks or services.


Brokerage firms go to considerable measures to guarantee that no personally identifiable information is exposed. Goldvence takes the following precautions, among others:

SSL encryption and firewalls are among the innovative encryption and authorization technologies used. They only give database access to individuals who are directly implicated with the use of the information stored in them, and only in a fashion that does not compromise confidentially.

Only authorized users with the appropriate login information can obtain access to trading accounts. Goldvence does not keep credit card details on record and does not participate in the processing of credit card transactions. If you have any more questions or wish to file a complaint, you can contact the broker’s customer service department, which is available 24/7 from live chat, mail, or calls.

Fees & Charges

The Company charges fees for the processing of transactions on the Trading Platform’s different asset classes. The fee is determined by the Firm’s categorization of the client. In addition, the broker earns money from the margin on Trades. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine to choose whether or not to trade at such pricing.

Even when an Islamic account has open transactions for more than 2 days, it will be charged fees. A charge of the Spread value of the ongoing transaction will be applied to the Customer’s account every 3rd night from the trade opening.

For deposits to the Brokerage Account and withdrawal to the customer, the Firm may charge fees, including costs for bank transfers in the Customer’s favor. Every bank transfer will cost between 25 and 50 euros, depending on the payment method. The cost will be subtracted from the bank transfer. The broker also reserves the right to implement new fees and charges, as well as amend existing fees and taxes, at any time.

Inactive Trading Account fee

If the Customer has not traded in his/her Account for a period of time established by the Firm, or if the trading volume is at a low level as per Firm’s impose standards, and/or if the Customer does not have the required minimum sum of money in his or her Brokerage, the firm may start charging the Customer administrative costs of 5% or 25 EUR or USD.

Goldvence offers a lot of trading opportunities, but if you make an account and doest use it, you have to pay as little as 25 Euro/USD. So, after making an account you need to be proactive, this will push you to avoid fees and earn profits.


The broker offers two languages that are English and German. The transition happens in real-time. When switching the language, the website is translated in 2 or 3 seconds. The purpose to offer two languages is to cater to more clients who prefer to trade in their local language.

User Interface

The user interface is very professional and simple. Many brokers focus on making a trading platform that looks fancy and complicated. This way they try to impress the clients but in reality, they are just confusing them. Simplicity is an art, but simplicity doesn’t mean to deprive the customers of basic features. The functionality and navigation are very pleasant. It seems familiar to beginners, while it seems extraordinary to the professionals who want advanced options from the client.

The color combination of Gold and Black looks amazing with text in grey and white color. The contrast looks perfect, not too elevated nor too merging in the background. This shows the broker’s focus on every little detail to make the customers’ experience perfect. The interface is not loaded with so many details. Moreover, you won’t see any promises offered by the broker. This is a trick of the fake brokers to trap immature traders.

Customer Service

Customer assistance is essential for any trading platform, and Goldvence does not disappoint! Its employees are dedicated to giving the greatest customer service possible to all of its customers and aiding them in any way they can. You can contact them for this reason at any time, day or night, with any question or issue you may have.

If you have any questions about the website content, are having trouble signing up for one of the accounts, or have any concerns about Goldvence’s services, you can contact their customer services.

Their support team consists of industry specialists with in-depth knowledge of the industry and previous client experience. That implies you can always rely on their help and know that any advice they provide you will be completely honest and workable.

If you want to reach them via email, please include your contact details in the email, and a member of their staff will respond as quickly as possible to assist you in whatever you require. You can also phone their customer service number and speak with a professional straight immediately, which will allow you to receive assistance more quickly.


Goldvence is a high-end broker that caters to all kinds of clients.  The transaction configuration and fundamental options are superb, accommodating a broad range of traders’ needs. The platform is robust, and it comes with a bevy of intriguing capabilities for customers to test out. Your performance is multiplied by the broker, allowing you to prosper. Without a doubt, Goldvence is among the most promising new brokerage firms on the market today. Due to the obvious trader-friendly broker and services, people tend to use the broker’s services.

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