XchangeBTC Review – Is This Trading Platform Reliable or Not?

ByTroy Morris

Jan 9, 2022

XchangeBTC Review

XchangeBTC logoXchangeBTC is a modern trading platform dedicated to cryptocurrencies only. It is a comprehensive trading platform that operates all its services and features around cryptocurrencies only and serves traders who are willing to grow your portfolio in digital assets only. XchangeBTC offers educational resources, trading tools, financial plans, trading accounts, in short, all of the facilities customised for cryptocurrency trading only. This XchangeBTC review will discuss all the features and provide necessary details that will help you get an insight into this trading platform.

Cryptocurrencies were introduced in 2008, and people rarely knew about their importance. In today’s world, there is merely any online trader who is not aware of cryptocurrencies. People are keen to know more about cryptocurrencies and invest in them. It is one of the most lucrative trading assets with more than 300 million crypto users and 10000 cryptocurrencies around the world.  Cryptocurrencies are different from KOother CFD trading products, they are volatile and require different knowledge, tools and skillset.

In such a scenario, there was a strong need to have a trading platform specifically catering to cryptocurrencies. A trading platform that nurtures cryptocurrency traders, provides them with all the required facilities, educate them to become successful and provides most of the leading cryptocurrencies so that traders can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies under one roof. XchangeBTC is a trading platform that serves all these requirements, infact it has been framed to serve all these requirements. Along with these requirements, it also gives some value-added benefits to traders coming to this trading platform.

XchangeBTC is now a leading crypto currency trading platform with more than 4000 trading accounts. It is a modern and technically innovative platform that offers simple solutions for problems that crypto traders usually face while trading. It is also a high-performing platform that integrates with all the necessary softwares and has an infrastructure where trading activities are executed promptly. This trading platform has a trading volume of $ 4234313. As per the statistics of May 2021, XchangeBTC pays out a large amount of $ 500474 as a monthly payment to traders using this platform.

The facts and figures on the XchangeBTC website and its reviews over the internet are pretty impressive. This detailed XchangeBTC review will explain how this trading platform is creating a difference in the cryptocurrency trading journey.

XchangeBTC website

Joining XchangeBTC

Joining this trading platform is similar to joining any other trading platform. It is a simple and easy three-step process that connects traders to the roaring world of cryptocurrency trading.

  • Register Yourself At XchangeBTC

Registration at the trading platform is the first step to entering the trading platform. This step requires traders to fill out all the fields in the registration form with correct information. Traders provide their name, contact number, email address, residential address, and proof for identification. Traders also set a password at this stage to secure their trading account. Once verification is complete, traders are provided access to their trading account.

  • Add Funds In Your Trading Account

Trader can not start trading until he has deposited funds into the trading account. This fund must be equal or greater than the minimum investment required for getting access to the trading account.

  • Start Trading

With a registered account and funds in it, traders are all prepared to start trading using cryptocurrencies. Trading with cryptocurrencies is different and requires keen observation of market trends before executing a trading activity.

Advantages Of Joining XchangeBTC

One of the most significant advantages of joining this trading platform is that it connects traders with the cryptocurrency market. It also offers reliability, transparency, professionalism, and sheer dedication in guiding traders along the way. Yet, this comprehensive trading platform offers traders more that makes their experience with XchangeBTC an outstanding one.

  • Speedy Withdrawal

Traders trade to earn profits over their investment. Their mission accomplishes when they receive a withdrawal in their banking account or online wallet. Waiting for your withdrawal for days or weeks is one of the most draining experiences that break traders’ trust in their trading platform and may result in quitting trading. Once traders have requested a withdrawal, they expect to receive it early as possible. XchangeBTC does not let them keep waiting for more extended periods, and the team managing payouts process withdrawal requests within an hour.

  • Trade Without A Leave

With most trading platforms, traders can not execute trading activities on the weekend or public holidays and miss out on great deals. XchangeBTC ensures that traders do not miss any chance of making profits so, they remain functional all around the clock. The team running XchangeBTC and their customer service center supports traders to trade non-stop as they are active on the weekends as well as holidays. So, there are no holidays and no pause in earning profits through the virtual cryptocurrency market.

  • Deposit And Withdrawal Made Easy

All the operations and policies of XchangeBTC are designed to provide a simple and effective platform to make cryptocurrency trading accessible and convenient for traders. The experts on this trading platform understand that there is no one definition of convenience, and it is up to traders what suits them the best. So, the experts made an effort and connect this trading platform with many banks, wallets, wire transfer companies and allowed traders to deposit and request a withdrawal from a number of payment gateways. Traders can choose any option from the list to make trading easier for themselves.

  • Security Assurance

XchangeBTC security

One of the leading reasons that people are still hesitant to invest in cryptocurrency is the security issue. A number of policies and technologies are introduced in order to eliminate this risk factor. XchangeBTC has especially taken an account this issue, and as per the experts’ advice, a system is developed to provide full range security for traders’ information and assets. XchangeBTC assures traders that their assets are 100% protected.

The data protection system of XchangeBTC is so strong that no one can breach this wall to reach traders’ data. It is because they have used secured codes, security socket layer technology (SSL), cache technology, KYC and AML policies, Data encryption technology, and others to fully protect all the information present on their trading platform.

  • Expert Support

Cryptocurrency is an emerging field, and a few people can guide you about all the aspects of cryptocurrency. Infact, the number of educational resources to develop knowledge about this field is also limited. XchangeBTC offers a support system for trades where some of the leading cryptocurrency traders are available to help budding cryptocurrency traders. The experts have gathered valuable resources from the field and assisted traders by providing one-on-one training sessions.

They also conduct weekly live-streaming webinars and connect with the registered traders at XchangeBTC platform. Traders can present their queries to experts and get practical answers that will help them to overcome obstacles in cryptocurrency trading. Traders can learn the technical aspects of cryptocurrency trading and emerge as successful cryptocurrency traders.

  • Customer Services

XchangeBTC works globally, giving an equal opportunity to learn and trade using cryptocurrencies from their platform. To make the trading process more manageable for traders, the XchangeBTC trading platform provides a constant support center where customers can call or send messages to get the required help. This service center is responsive to calls, messages, and emails and typically gets back with a solution within 12 hours.

To extend customer care services for traders from different ethnic backgrounds, XchangeBTC provides customer support in various languages to overcome the communication barrier. This helps them to reach more traders and run the trading platform more efficiently.

  • High Traffic Platform

XchangeBTC is a high-traffic platform. The algorithm and technology behind this trading platform are a hallmark and offer various benefits for traders. The platform provides high turnover rates, high speed, high order-to-trade ratios, and in return, they get more traders. This trading platform provides transparency and integrity services to individual traders, small, medium, and large scale businesses, investment banks, institutional investors, and hedge fund agencies. XchangeBTC pays out large amounts to traders and is one of modern times’ most proficient trading platforms.

Cryptocurrency Investment Options At XchangeBTC

XchangeBTC is a platform that allows traders to explore the digital markets with zest and zeal. Trading using cryptocurrencies is not only restricted to buying and selling, but it also has much more to offer, and each investment option has its benefits. XchangeBTC empowers cryptocurrency traders by investing in ways to make the most profits from growing financial markets.

  • Stake

XchangeBTC permits traders to participate in cryptocurrency staking. The traders hold their digital assets, put them to work, and earn rewards on them. Experts call staking a reliable source to build passive income that offers 5-12 % profit on your investment.

  • Invest

Traders use their resources, usually money, to purchase cryptocurrency and ICOs and generate profit on this investment amount. Traders can also invest in their favorite companies and wait for them to grow in value.

  • Trade

The Traders invest in digital assets when the prices of coins and cryptocurrencies are lower and sell these digital assets later when their price is higher.

  • Mine

XchangeBTC allows traders to mine cryptocurrencies. For mining, traders have to put a setup and connect mining equipment to their systems. This trading platform gives a crypto mining service to start mining cryptocurrencies.

  • Borrow

XchangeBTC gives margin loans to traders with a registered account on their trading platform. The range of margin loans varies from 25% to 100%, depending on the type of trading account. These loans are given at a low-interest ratio.

Additional Facilities At XchangeBTC

The Trading Platform

XchangeBTC offers multiple interfaces to serve traders as per their likeness. All of these interfaces are based on a technically advanced MT5 trading platform that is up-to-date and integrates all the necessities of traders in one place. All the trading platforms present all the facilities offered by XchangeBTC and serve traders in the best way possible for an everlasting and lucrative trading experience.

Firstly, XchangeBTC offers a web app that takes traders into their trading account where they can perform trading activities. Traders can run this web app on any browser and on any operating system. It is a high-perf. Traders can download these apps from the Google Playstore and Apple store. Apps offer a more personalised experience and keep traders connected to the trading world. All the features available on the web application are also available on both of these apps. The user interface of apps is specially designed for the convenience of traders. Using these apps, traders can perform trading at any time from anywhere.

Educational Resources

Cryptocurrency is based on bitcoin technology, and its procedure is a lot different from other trading instruments. Cryptocurrency trading requires traders to build their knowledge and expertise in analyzing market trends and making the best use of available trading tools.

XchangeBTC provides detailed information about cryptocurrencies, their working, and trading processes. They have mentioned all the instructions in simple words on their trading platform.

The FAQ portion covers all the questions that usually bother crypto traders while trading in the virtual trading markets. The experts have framed answers to guide newcomers in the field. These answers are equally profitable for experts who are coming to this trading platform for upgrading crypto trading skills.

Multiple Trading Assets

As mentioned earlier in the article, traders can use more than 10000 cryptocurrencies to stake, trade, or invest. XchangeBTC accepts deposits in Btc and allows traders to exchange or trade them in any digital asset present on their trading platform. There are many options to choose from. From the world’s most potent cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, to the emerging cryptocurrencies like Dai, Stellar, Axie Infinity XchangeBTC, enlist more than 500 cryptocurrencies available for purchase sale or exchange at XchangeBTC.

To guide traders about the fluctuating value of each cryptocurrency available at XchangeBTC, the trading platform provides live prices of all the available options. Traders can rely on these values as they are gathered from the most reliable sources.

Trading Account Options At XchangeBTC

Traders must get the facility of investing in the trading assets as per their pocket. In order to include everyone in this trading platform, XchangeBTC offers various trading accounts that traders can access by depositing bitcoins. Let us look into the details of each trading account.

Mini Account is a perfect trading account for traders who want to invest less. They can access this trading account by depositing 2 Btc only. This basic account offers many facilities including account manager, daily news, weekly market review, trading webinar, and weekly live stream. Traders can also get leverage of 1:200 or apply for a margin loan of up to 25%

A silver account is a trading account that traders can get by depositing 10 Btc. It facilitates traders by giving 1:200 leverage and up to 35% margin loan. Traders also get a personal account manager’s facility, work with a broker, learn in-depth research, daily market signals, daily market review, portfolio construction, and analyst sessions. It is a perfect trading account for boosting the career of intermediate-level traders.

The gold account is one of the most lucrative trading accounts that offer valuable facilities against the deposit of 20 Btc. This trading account provides a personal broker, daily market signals, daily market review, weekly live trading webinars, personalized sessions with analysts, and in-depth market research. With a registered gold account, traders can apply for a 50% margin loan and 1:200 leverage.

The diamond account is available against the deposit of 45 Btc. This trading account offers a 75% margin loan and 1:300 leverage. This trading provides the facilities of daily market review, weekly live trading webinars, daily market signals, personal broker, customised education, an invitation to VIP events, and in-depth market research.

Last is the V.I.P account for traders who can deposit more than 45 Btc. It is the most lucrative account trading account that offers a 100% margin loan, 1:400 leverage, un,limited access to brokers, customized education, wealth manager, invites to VIP events, daily market signals and reviews, higher payouts, and managed portfolio.

All the facilities offered at XchangeBTC are adequate for trader’s growth. Traders must choose the trading account that most appeals to them and fits their pocket.

My Final Verdict

There was an immense need for a trading platform that facilitates cryptocurrency trading. XchangeBTC has done an outstanding job of fulfilling this need for betterment of traders. It is an advanced and comprehensive trading platform providing a variety of cryptocurrencies and ICOs so that traders can make benefits from these growing digital financial market. In addition to provision of digital assets, XchangeBTC has also facilitated traders by providing customised interfaces, easy process, speedy withdrawal facilities and many others.

There are many ways to make money in the digital market and XchangeBTC has provided all of them at their platform. Traders can use their cloud mining service for mining cryptocurrencies, or purchase, trade, and invest as per their choice. Traders can also apply for margin loans and boost their trading career.

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