Continued rise in cryptocurrency success gives way to walk-in crypto exchanges

ByEdward Thompson

Oct 6, 2021

Despite the current slump that the collective market is facing, the crypto market does not stay down for long. Even when various cryptocurrencies reached their lowest points, they were able to bounce back in a matter of weeks or months. And even though people are still new to trading cryptocurrencies, it has still proven to be a very lucrative market.

Since it is still in its earliest stages, the market is seeing a considerable amount of innovation. Most of this type of innovation is occurring in the realm of security so that companies can better protect their assets. On the other hand, some companies are also working on making the experience of trading cryptocurrencies significantly more pleasurable. For instance, they are making the experience of exchanging, buying, and selling cryptocurrency more intimate and fun.

In Mississauga, Ontario, traders will find a new exchange that looks very similar to a bank. However, this is no ordinary bank. This is instead a brick-and-mortar crypto exchange, which is the first of its kind. Unlike most exchanges that only exist on the internet and through apps, traders will find a friendly face to greet them whenever they are looking to trade their preferred cryptocurrency.

The Crypto Nerds exchange is one of the first ever crypto exchanges based in a real shop. While iall traders can easily trade on various websites and applications on their phones, Crypto Nerds is not looking to compete with their service. Instead, they are looking to offer you an incredible experience trading cryptocurrency. There are usually people who need help trading or understanding how most things work. For them, this type of store is perfect, and they can actively learn more about the cryptocurrency of their choice while investing in it.

The founder and CEO of Coin Nerds, Adam Hack, even shared his thoughts on the new business in an interview. He said that Crypto Nerds is a platform that allows people from different walks of life to become a part of the crypto market. And they can easily do so without having to go through the tedious process of trying to do so on their own. Furthermore, people of different ages might have trouble getting past the technological barrier that comes with most programs of the current decade.

They can charge somewhere between 1% and 5% of the total amount for each transaction that you make. While this is a lot higher than most other crypto exchanges in the market, the experience of trading with a teller can be incredible. It can especially help with the uneasiness that comes with investing in something for the first time.

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