British Designer Brand Burberry Branches Into NFTs

ByTroy Morris

Aug 15, 2021

Burberry, a British fashion house, is stepping into the continuously growing NFT world. In this respect, collaboration is being made between Burberry and Mythical Games, a studio that has initiated Blankos Block Party to manufacture and trade branded in-game digital toys. The contract is new among a majority of fashion houses involved in the NFT exploration.

NFT and Blankos Block Party

The latest NFT game ‘Blankos Block Party’ provides a platform for collecting, selling, as well as purchasing the NFT characters known as Blankos, in addition to building and designing games. ‘Skins’ are considered to be the chief IP drivers regarding digital and physical products equally; thus, designer brands are likely to befit NFT projects such as Blankos. Funko Pops and Fortnite are the basic instances of collectibles; however, a lot of other collectibles exist that have, for many years, held value as well as amplified their value. BearBricks of Medicom, for example, have the same typically build structure, and they can facilitate the USD up to the five numbers.

Currently, Blankos Block Party is free-to-play with accessories cosmetics that are purchasable. Additionally, it is available for running on PC, and there are anticipations for it to support the other platforms as well in the future. DappRadar states that Blankos operates on the EOS blockchain’s modified version. ‘B Series’ is the title of NFTs that Burberry will trade through a limited edition on the 11th of August. This week, the brand tweeted on its official account that a limited edition of Sharky B (a character), a vinyl toy NFT, and accessories will be included in the trading.

Burberry and the other designers

In the recent few months, Burberry has secured its position among Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna, and others. Gucci, in March, collaborated with Vogue Business, and then it released NFTs titled as Christies-curated NFT in early June. Louis Vuitton, in previous weeks, declared to launch the latest mobile game, which offers embedded NFTs, to celebrate the 200th birthday of the firm’s founder. Moreover, D&B (Dolce and Gabanna) also announced in the last month to launch its non-fungible tokens through Polygon blockchain, describing that it will conduct three events of the NFT series in Venice at the end of this month. Accordingly, a lot of fashion brands are showing deep interest in the NFT field.

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