AMC is planning to Gain More Exposure in Cryptocurrency Industry in a Unique Manner

ByEdward Thompson

Oct 19, 2021

It was just a few months back when the American multinational entertainment giant AMC had expressed its interest in the adoption of blockchain technology. The firm had revealed that it intends to adopt cryptocurrencies as a way of receiving payments for ticket purchases.

Now, AMC has announced that it is going to go beyond its initial aim of adopting cryptocurrencies. AMC has now gone ahead and announced that it is not only aiming to launch a blockchain but will also go ahead with the launch of its own cryptocurrency.

The announcement in regards to the adoption of blockchain and issuance of exclusive cryptocurrency was made by AMC’s chief executive officer. As the announcement has been made public by the company’s CEO through CNBC, then it means that the company is going to deliver.

While being interviewed by one of the representatives at CNBC on October 20, 2021, Adam Aron (CEO) talked about the company’s ambition in the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Despite not sharing any concrete or many details about the creation and issuance of the cryptocurrency, Aron did confirm that it was in AMC’s developmental pipeline.

He did mention that in recent months, they have been very vocal about the significance of cryptocurrencies with the rest of the executives. So far, they have not faced any resistance from either of their executives. This means that the entire higher-up squad at the AMC is buying the idea of adopting cryptocurrencies.

He also talked about the development and release of their own cryptocurrency token. He stated that the reason behind coming to this conclusion is that they have full confidence in their services and capabilities.

Aron stated that they are aware of several reasons that would help them gain a lot of success once they launch their own cryptocurrency token. Furthermore, they will also be providing a lot of benefits when it comes to the redemption process of cryptocurrencies.

Through their platform, the users will be able to purchase exclusive cryptocurrencies and use them through their platform. Aron stated that so far, they have half a dozen plans in the pipeline and they will start working on another half a dozen in the due course.

It was back in August of 2021 when AMC had announced that it would accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment for tickets. The platform is gradually moving towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and it is aiming to launch infrastructure for the same purpose.

Then in the month of September, AMC went ahead and made another major announcement for the cryptocurrency community. The firm announced that it had expanded the network for cryptocurrency payments to Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ether.

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