A New Non-Fungible Token Platform May Soon be launched by Reddit

ByEdward Thompson

Oct 22, 2021

As per the latest reports, Reddit has revealed that it is considering its options of venturing into the cryptocurrency industry. The firm has announced that in the upcoming days, it may surprise its users with the launch of its own non-fungible token (NFT) platform.

The sources have revealed that Reddit is already planning to make it happen. According to reports, the social media giant is already in the process of hiring workers belonging to different fields. The job roles are for individuals belonging to the maintenance, building, and designing sector for the NFT platform.

This goes to show that Reddit is more than considering the options of launching its own platform for non-fungible tokens. The firm is putting together a team of designers, developers, technicians, and more candidates who will be working on the particular project.

The information in regards to the new workers has been brought to the front by the Greenhouse job posting platform. The platform has revealed that among the job roles, Reddit is aiming for someone to fill in the spot for a senior engineer from the NFT sector.

The senior engineer will be tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the platform that the Reddit users will be using. The platform would indeed be the NFT one, allowing the Reddit users to craft, purchase, sell, as well as use the non-fungible tokens they have in their possession.

The platform will be accessible for all Reddit users, which means that the non-fungible token sector will soon have millions of users joining it. The users will also be able to perform the same functions with the digital goods backed by the non-fungible tokens.

In the job posting, Reddit has added its experience requirement. According to Reddit, the senior engineer would be required to have at least 5 years of experience in their resume to meet the criteria. The senior engineer is required to have experience in the development processes of the non-fungible tokens.

Another major requirement in the job posting is for the engineer to be able to work under very high pressure and workload. The engineer must also have experience in developing and maintaining distributed systems.

Reddit executives also added their remarks about the non-fungible token industry. They stated that with the passage of time, the non-fungible token sector has gained a tremendous user following. With time, what they have realized is that the non-fungible token industry has grown tremendously.

The industry is among the most prominent spaces within the crypto-sector and it is the right time to become part of it. Just like Reddit, other major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have also started looking into the cryptocurrency space. They are also aiming to invest in the sector and benefit from it as much as possible.

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