Washington County Authorities Ask BrightRidge To Close Its BTC Mining Farm Within 30 Days

ByTroy Morris

Oct 29, 2021

BrightRidge (the internet service and electricity provider of the United States) has been directed on behalf of Washington County officials to put a stop at its BTC mining activities in the coming 30 days. It has been confirmed by the company that a letter has been received by it, which the county sent mentioning that the Bitcoin facility of the firm was creating an immense noise in the property codes violation. The decision to deliver a notice was taken during an evening meeting on Monday by the WCC (Washington-County-Commission). Angie Charles, the planning director of the county, sent the letter.

From approval to a closure

The direction given to BrightRidge stated that the firm has to follow the directions of zoning regulation during the next 30 days, and any failure, in this case, would be reciprocated with severe litigation on behalf of the county’s lawyers. Nonetheless, the commission of the county mentioned that it is preferred to shut down the mining by all means as the authorities are not in favour of pursuing any litigation. During the establishment of the respective mining plant of the company, BrightRidge initially got the approval of a 22-acre property, which could be rezoned to be utilized in the agriculture business from its previous state of common agriculture land.

Nevertheless, it had been proposed by BrightRidge that the utilization of that specific piece of land would include a data centre for blockchain technology. The activities related to commercial mining were done under the label of Red-Dog-Technologies (a private company being alleged to have infringed the laws related to property zoning). Particularly, Kent Harris (a Commissioner of Washington County) announced that BrightRidge was not straightforward in the matter of the intentions thereof. He added that the entire commission has stated to have been misinformed from the start, and this sort of situation has opened their eyes. Harris said that the mining farm would be converted into a solar farm or that sort of thing for the company.

Former warning to discover noise solution

In August, a warning had been received by the company stating to halt the mining plant completely otherwise alleviate the issue of noise. The warning was a result of the appearance of Joe Grandy (the Mayor of Washington County and the Mayor of Brightridge) in front of the commission for the discussion over the noise matter following the complaints from several citizens.

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