Trades Universal Review – Is This Broker Any Good?

ByTroy Morris

Oct 1, 2022
Trades Universal Broker Rating
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Read our Trades Universal review at Forex Tools Trader to know everything about the Trades Universal trading platform and why we recommend this broker to traders. You can sign up with Trades Universal in the link below or read our full Trades Universal review to learn more.

Trades Universal Review

Trades Universal logoBrokers like Trades Universal are the reason why the online trading industry is flourishing every day. You cannot claim that all brokers on the market offer you the same caliber of trading services, despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of them.

Because they don’t receive what they had anticipated, many traders who join these platforms lose faith in them. I give some justifications for believing in this platform in this Trades Universal review.

Choosing a trustworthy trading platform, however, is a challenging process for traders. Trading may be a profitable activity, but only if you locate the proper broker, tools, and education.

An experienced team at Trades Universal is constantly at work offering traders convenient services. To aid traders in making educated decisions, they provide cutting-edge features and tools including charts, signals, and alerts. Additionally, its security guidelines and equipment shield traders from security risks. Find out more about this platform.

Trades Universal website

Multiple Asset Offering

When you sign up for this platform, you get access to a wide range of financial markets, including traditional, conventional, and new financial markets. You can discover all of your preferred assets on this trading platform, whether you have always been intrigued by trading currency pairings or believe that the only way to invest safely in the future is to do so in cryptocurrency.

The best part is that Trades Universal enables you to trade several of these assets at any time on various financial marketplaces. That’s right, if you have a forex trading position open, you may also start trading cryptocurrencies. Then, when you decide the timing is perfect, you can close out your positions.

Trading Accounts

After signing up with a broker, many traders criticize the platform’s complexity. Some expert traders have also voiced complaints about their broker’s extraneous tools and features. These troublesome brokers typically share a characteristic. Both beginner and experienced traders have access to the same type of account through them.

Trades Universal differs from these brokers due to the variety of account options. The developers behind this platform are aware that there are several traders with various levels of skill. They partition their platform accordingly for them to use multiple accounts. You can sign up using their basic function if you’re a newbie. Interestingly, the platform’s features are all intended for new users. You will feel inspired to continue trading as a result of this.

These trading accounts also include various features and tools. For example, complex indicators are not available in the basic account.

Quick Customer Service

Trades Universal customer support

The quickness of a platform’s customer assistance is a key criterion used by many traders. I follow suit since a trustworthy platform will provide all-inclusive help to its traders. A website lacking any contact information immediately raises my suspicions. You should use caution when entrusting the site with your money.

There is a detailed process for contacting the team on Trades Universal. The support staff will get in touch with you when you complete the website’s contact page. You may also check the platform’s address and phone number to ensure they are legitimate. By calling the team’s phone number, you can get in touch with them immediately.

The Trades Universal customer service staff is very helpful. They are constantly willing to go above and beyond for their traders. I had several conversations with the support staff about different issues, and each time they were able to resolve my issue. Signup with Trades Universal if you want a brokerage firm that is always ready to help you.


The trading platform Trades Universal has a lot of market experience. They are aware of the challenges both novice and experienced traders confront. Their customer service is quick and active. Additionally, they can listen well and will first grasp your question before responding.

Additionally, the fact that they have numerous accounts initially helps to clear up ambiguities. You can concentrate on your trade when your feature set is restricted. If you wish to sign up with a trustworthy trading platform, pick Trades Universal.

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