TradeGB 24 Review – All That’s Good about This Trading Platform

ByEdward Thompson

Nov 8, 2021

TradeGB 24 Review

There is nothing wrong with you investigating, researching, and trying to know more about a trading platform before you sign up on it. Some traders think they are wasting their time when that’s certainly not the case. I urge you to research as much as possible and then make a well-informed decision. My TradeGB 24 review can be a part of your research if you are considering signing up with TradeGB 24. This company offers you many trading features, which are supposedly there to make trading a smooth experience for you.

Can it really deliver the results that it promises with its traders? Will you really feel free as a trader when you sign up with this firm? Will you get to keep most of the profit you make on your trades? How friendly or unfriendly this company is to traders, find out in this review.

Many Tradable Assets Available

The first thing I would like to highlight about this company is that its asset index is very impressive. You have an asset index that consists of five different asset classes. Do let me tell you here that you can trade CFDs as well as futures on this platform. When it comes to the complete asset index, you can be in many financial markets. Let us start with forex currency pairs. You can trade GBP, EUR, AUD, USD, CAD, JPY, and many other currency pairs in this market. When it comes to stocks, you can trade Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, etc. stocks.

You can also trade indices, which are stocks in a bucket format i.e. you will be trading many stocks from many companies at the same time when you trade one index. Commodities are available for all new and experienced traders, and in this category, they can trade agricultural assets along with some rare metals and energies.

Trading Platform and Flexible Conditions

So, combine the MetaTrader 4 trading platform with flexible trading conditions, and you have a broker that you should stay with for many years to come. I see a lot of traders changing their trading platforms quite often. This happens when they sign up without proper research or focus on the wrong features. With TradeGB 24, I urge you to look at the trading platform you are getting—it’s MetaTrader 4, which has been the leading trading platform in the industry for many years. It’s robust with trader-friendly features, customization options, and very fast trade execution times.

The spreads are low for all the traders who sign up with this company. You can trade with low spreads and large leverages anywhere you want. The availability of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform on your desktops, smartphones, laptops, and tablets ensures that you can trade whenever you want without any restrictions on where you are. That’s what I like to call modern trading features.

Education, Customer Support, and Security Features

You will get all of these things when you are a trader on TradeGB 24 trading platform. You will get education even before you sign up. There is a detailed glossary of trading related terms on the website that you should read before you even sign up. Secondly, the customer support is great because you have support from multiple channels. You can call or email—whichever method you prefer. The customer support will entertain your calls and emails 24/5. As for security features, the website encrypts all your data as soon as you provide it. Also, the money deposited goes into segregated funds.

Final Thoughts

I do have to tell you here that TradeGB 24 adheres to the KYC and AML policies too, which means no money launderers and identity thieves can sign up with this company. This makes the platform very reliable for legitimate traders. I think the company is doing well for the most part, but I also believe you should make your own decision when you look at the options yourself.

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