Top Crypto Analysis Tools to Use in 2023

ByEdward Thompson

May 17, 2023

Analysis tools have proven to be vital for cryptocurrency traders, particularly those who are consistent and dedicated. The popularity and usefulness of these tools during the trading process prompted the introduction of numerous functions and features on analysis platforms. They use the most up-to-date information for assisting traders and they have even begun to use social media platforms for helping users. If you have ventured into the crypto space and are looking for efficient and professional analysis tools to use in 2021, you can check out the list below:


This is a comprehensive market intelligence platform especially created for cryptocurrencies and focuses on reliable and clean data feeds, custom market analysis and low-latency signals. It leverages social, on-chain, development and a number of other data sources to help users in performing accurate analysis that can help in decision making.


This particular crypto tool is designed to deliver on-chain and market data via API, or directly into other tools, such as R, Python and Excel. This particular tool can help crypto traders in saving their time and money because it enables them to get the data they need and in the format they prefer.


This is a data analysis platform that has been designed for the global crypto community. Messari is based on the principle that data is knowledge and you can make investments with confidence when you are armed with knowledge.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence is used by LunarCrush for analyzing crypto data from a number of sources to obtain valuable insights that can be used for making data-driven and confident trading decisions.


Glassnode allows people in the blockchain and crypto space to incorporate data intelligence through applications that provide new ways of obtaining insights into these digital assets. This can come in handy for making smart and profitable decisions.

Dune Analytics

This web-based platform is designed for querying Ethereum data through the use of simple SQL queries from databases. Instead of having to write a special script, you can just query the database and will be able to access any information that can be found on the blockchain.


Boasting a number of functions and features that can be useful for extracting data from prepopulated databases, Dappquery makes it easier for its users to get access to the information they need. You can find everything that may be relevant to your decision, thereby ensuring that you are making the right moves for maximizing your profits in the crypto space.

Coin Metrics

Anyone who has entered the crypto trading space will come across Coin Metrics at some point. It provides access to crypto financial intelligence, which has earned it a solid reputation because you can use it for getting market data, network data, network risk solutions and index.

Trading View

Another popular crypto analysis tool that can be found in the market is called Trading View and it is basically a chart and social media analysis platform that also has a mobile app. It was launched back in 2011 and anyone wanting to invest in the crypto space should definitely take advantage of Trading View.


If you want to separate the signal from the great deal of noise you will find in blockchain data, you can make use of Nansen. It analyzes more than 70 million labeled Ethereum wallets as well as their activity and this can be quite useful for those that are interested in this particular digital asset.


Making informed investment decisions is how people can profit from the crypto market and IntoTheBlock is designed to assist people in accomplishing this goal. Therefore, it offers people with unique insights for each crypto asset and they have more than 50 signals and indicators that offer a good view of the behavior of an asset.


If you want to investigate and monitor cryptocurrencies, you can use this blockchain analysis tool known as Breadcrumbs. You will be able to follow addresses, which allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing transactions, along with amount, time and other relevant information.


A leading crypto ranking website, Coingecko offers a 360-degree overview of the cryptocurrencies’ position. The ranking of a cryptocurrency is quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated based on the public data collected online.

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