Despite Above-Expectation Job Data, Stock Market Session Ends With Mixed Results

ByEdward Thompson

Aug 3, 2022

On Friday, the stock trading market session ended with mixed results. The mixed results are due to the uncertainties and concerns that have been sparked among the investors.

On Thursday, the US job data was shared, which is more than double the expected outcome. The result ended up pushing the trading price of the USD versus all major fiat currencies.

However, the stock market saw things differently and the investors were fearful of the potential increment in the inflation rates and interest rate hikes.

Stock Index Performance

The stock market data has shown that the NASDAQ Composite recorded a 0.5% fall in the Friday trading session. The 0.5% dip for NASDAQ Composite translated to a fall of 63.03 points. After the fall, the NASDAQ Composite is down to 12,657.55 points.

The S&P 500 index also recorded a fall on that particular day. On Friday, the S&P 500 index suffered a 0.16% loss. The index recorded a loss of 6.75 points, lowering its points to 4,145.19.

On the other hand, the Dow Industrials experienced a rise. It reportedly recorded a 0.23% increase in the Friday stock trading session. It was able to gain 76.65 points and its overall score is now at 32,803.47.

US Stocks Data

The stock trading data from Friday further reveals that the stocks in the United States experienced gentle dips. It happened right after the United States posted the jobs data, which was much stronger than the expected figures.

The data came in just when the Federal Reserve had announced that it had hiked the interest rates in order to deal with the rising inflation rates.

It is part of the Federal Reserve’s strategy to hike the interest rates so that inflation can be cooled and brought under control.

Fight against Recession

In the first two quarters of the year 2022, the GDP of the United States continued experiencing huge contractions.

However, the more than expected number of jobs reported in the past 2 months has been very promising for the boost of the GDP.

It is due to the increased number of jobs in the past couple of months that the United States has been able to fight against recession.

Debt Price Trades

The data also shows that the debt prices of the United States government have been trading lower. The low trades have been recorded after the jobs data was shared.

The data shows that the 10-year Treasury note benchmark had its yield increased by 2.676% while the 30-year Treasury bond showed a 3.09% growth.

For the month of July, it was reported that the total jobs added were 528,000 while the estimations made were 258,000.

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