STC Token – What is Student Coin All About?

ByTroy Morris

May 13, 2021

The student coin project started in 2017, the 3rd quarter. However, in 2021, the virtual coin is taking massive steps that might lead to the coin’s mass adoption.

Student coin had a goal to be on renowned crypto exchanges by quarter two of 2021. So far, the asset has accomplished the objective, being on Bithumb Global, Coin Tiger, and, Uniswap, with the probability to expand more. You will agree that 2021 is a smooth year for most crypto assets as they are flourishing. The firm plans to upgrade its app and STC platform for public use. Let us find more about this innovative altcoin.

About Student Coin

Student Coin is a unique cryptocurrency platform that individuals and organizations can use to manage, create and design their personalized NFTs and tokens.

As a Student Coin user, you can create your unique tokens and design their exchange requirements to fund your education. Mostly, people use Student coins to pay for college education. You probably understand the burden of paying tuition fees if you are a student. That is why using blockchain technology to solve the issue is a plus for DeFi.

How can you go about using Student coins to pay for your bills? Well, the only requirement is to create a decentralized asset, then apply for a student loan. However, keep in mind that you will use your salary to pay for the loan after graduating.

The company aims to design a platform to control your personalized token easily, as you would do when operating social media sites. The Student Coin’s ICO succeeded, breeding $28 million.

The current STC total supply is 2.1 billion. With its decentralized method and tokenomics, you can expect the token to soar within the coming months.

At the time of writing this content, STC is trading at $0.02845. Where can you get STC? You can access this asset on popular exchanges, including Waves Exchange, Coin Tiger, Bithumb, and UniSwap.

Unfortunately, experts have issues with the selling of Student Coin. Although sold to the public, Student Coin’s official websites indicate that holders will earn dividends.

However, this project seems to have a brighter future, with its uniqueness, using blockchain to solve student’s problems.

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