Solid Invest Review – Why Every Trader Should Try This Broker for Trading

ByTroy Morris

Feb 9, 2021
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Solid Invest is all about allowing traders from around the world to have an opportunity to create a trading career. It has everything you need and some more on top of that. It provides you with a safe trading platform and allows you to trade the best assets that you can find in the financial markets of today.

Solid Invest Review that there is a broker that every trader should try is a huge responsibility. It is not easy to say such words because with so many online trading platforms out there, it is hard to know which one is the best. However, I have done my research and I finally signed up with a broker that I can surely say is one of the, if not the, best out there. I am talking about Solid Invest. You can already tell from the name of this online trading services providing company that it is all about allowing you to trade the way you want. That’s something I think a lot of online companies completely ignore in the trading services.

Now, I have to mention here is that a company that you call the best for trading should be more than just the basic features. It should offer you something that you can say with surety that other platforms cannot offer. The reality is that the features an online trading platform provides you with depend on its vision. For me, the vision of Solid Invest is to make trading available, easy, and profitable for every trader in every part of the world. Now, it is time for you to read this comprehensive Solid Invest review and deciding if I am telling you the truth.

Broker Solid Invest
Assets Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies
Trading Commissions From 0.87%
SSL Security Yes
Deposits Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, Online Payments
Training Yes
Account Types 5 (Explorer, Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum)
Welcome Bonus Up to 150%
Customer Support 24/7
Located In Germany
Platform Availability Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Things Every Trader Should Know about Solid Invest

Trading Safely Is Guaranteed

As a modern internet user, you must be aware of the data breaches and other issues that are abundant on the internet. Even the best companies have ended up with breaches into the data of their customers because they were not serious with security. I am glad that I chose a broker that properly pays attention to every security feature out there. When you sign up with online trading platforms, you have to make sure that it will protect your information. It might seem like a difficult thing to consider, but doing your research will save you from losing your life’s savings within a second.

I was always looking for an online broker that could convince me that its trading services were safe. Unfortunately, a lot of online companies are nothing but talk. They tell you a lot of great things, but when you look for proof of how they take care of your information, they have nothing to offer. That’s was not the case with Solid Invest when I signed up with it. This company provided me with all the security that I needed while trading on its trading software. Solid Invest provides you with proper encryption to protect your information in such a way that no unauthorized intruders can access this information.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about your money either. You see, when you sign up with online companies for trading purposes, you have to be sure that your money will go in the right hands. You don’t want to lose this money because it is what will take you into the financial markets. In the case of Solid Invest, I never felt that I was putting my money in wrong hands. This company will make sure that all your money goes into segregated accounts so you can have the utmost peace of mind that you deserve.

Customer Service Will Truly Help

Yes, talking at length about customer support is not a difficult task for anyone. Even you could create a company today and talk about great customer support without backing it up with anything. However, when it comes to a platform like Solid Invest, I can tell you that you will get the help and attention that you really deserve. The large companies around the world have made it a part of their culture to make you wait on the phone for long hours. They don’t listen to you carefully and do not offer you anything useful on the phone when you are in need. That’s the exact opposite when you sign up with Solid Invest.

I have talked to the customer support department of this company and I can tell you that these professionals are trained. They know how to talk to you as a customer and treat you as a valuable person. They listen to you carefully and provide you with the solution to your problem right then and there. You don’t have to wait for anyone to call or look for information for you. You will be provided with all the answers that you are looking for right on the call.

Now, there is something that I have to mention here about this broker in specific. So, when you sign up on other platforms, you usually have to rely on the FAQs on their websites. They have provided answers to the most commonly asked questioned in these FAQs, and you have to search for the question and the answer in there. But what if you have something to ask that has not been answered before? That’s where phone and email come in. Once you have created an account with Solid Invest, you will be able to contact on the phone number or email to get the answers to your inquiries.

I have to mention here that the service you get from the company is 24/7. Where do you find such great customer support from online trading companies elsewhere?

Easy Deposit and Convenient Withdrawals  

Since you are starting your trading career, you will need to put in a lot of money into the activity. When you trade, you actually invest your money. So, the first day you spend your money, you can call yourself an investor. Now, when you invest your money, you want a return as well. Do you get it with online brokers? Of course, you get your profits when you trade successfully. However, some online companies will take more money from you than others. They want to show you that you are using their online platform so you should give them a huge cut. That’s not true. You are the one who is doing all the hard work and putting your money on the line for trading.

So, when you make profits on your trades, you deserve a better part of them. That’s where I think you will greatly benefit from easy deposit and withdrawals from this company. You will not have to regret that you transferred money to your account using one of these options? Why? Because you will not have to pay any commissions on your deposits. You can read that piece of information on the website of the company for your satisfaction. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay any commission not only on the deposits but withdrawals either. That’s something really unique about Solid Invest.

Now, when it comes to replenishing your online trading account with more money, you will not have to go for any unsafe options. Solid Invest has made sure that you can use the most convenient features to fund your account. You can go with the bank wire transfer option if you prefer that. Furthermore, you can use your credit or debit card with the company. You can even use some internet payment methods. However, be sure that the name on your documents matches your exact name on your identification documents.

Planning Growth with Bookkeepers

The bookkeeping service is something that I had never expected from online brokers. I have to tell you that no matter how far you go in the online world of trading, there are certain things that will not change. First, when you are new to trading, you will not be confident about your decisions. You will always need someone by your side to tell you that you can do it. In addition to that, you need the help of an expert. You can’t just hire anyone to say “you can do it” all the time to you. You have to find a professional who can really handle your situation and help you come out of it successful.

So, that’s where I think Solid Invest will really make a difference for you. Rather than you doing all the hard work on your account, you will have a bookkeeper from the company to help you with all your trading decisions and much more. You have to understand that this service will be more than necessary for you once you become an active trader with an online trading company.

Now, if you are not sure about your trading decisions, you can always refer to the training material that has been provided to you in abundance from the company. The bookkeeping service is meant to help you with your daily chores. This way, you can focus on trading like you should. You can also shift your focus on learning loss-minimizing and profit-increasing strategies in the financial markets.

Trading Platform Will Be Your Friend

I have to tell you that the trading platform you are on can be your friend or enemy. I also have to inform you that I have used a trading platform, which I can consider nothing more than an enemy. So, what you should know is that you can see delays in your trades when you sign up with an online broker. That’s because the trading software you are using is outdated. However, you will get access to the best trading software there exists with this online trading services providing company. The first thing I have to admire about this trading platform is how easy it is to use it.

You will not be able to find another trading platform that is as good as this one. It offers you everything in terms of charts, graphs, illustrations, live market news, etc. to help you with your trades. In addition to that, it will not take more than a few minutes for you to understand the many features it has. It is there to help you with your trading endeavors, not scare you away from your dreams through delays and other issues. The trading platform from Solid Invest, is one of the best that I have ever used.

You will not have to look at your phones only to confirm that the trading software will work on it. I am pretty sure that this software will run smoothly on all your devices. I still understand the urge in many old traders of trading on their personal computers. I think this platform will do you justice if that’s what you are expecting from it. It will run on your tablet just as smoothly. In simple words, you will not be missing any action on this trading software from the broker.

You Will Not Lose Money in Big Commissions

As a trader, you will hate the fact that there are many online places where you will lose a lot of money in the form of commissions. Yes, you have to pay commissions to the company you sign up with for trading purposes. This commission has to be paid by you on many different occasions. First of all, you will have to pay this commission when you enter trades. Do you know about spreads? Spreads are always there when you sign up with online brokerage firms. These spreads help the company make money from its traders. It only takes a small fee when you buy or sell assets with it. That small fee is called the spread.

However, there are many other things that can affect your profitability when you sign up with a particular company. I have already told you about spreads, but do you know that there are companies that will charge you even more money on top of spreads? Yes, I became the victim of such a company in the past. Of course, I had to quit as soon as I could when I found out about this issue. Additionally, some online companies will charge you commissions when you deposit money in your account. Now, I have to be honest here in telling you something. I hate it when online brokers take money from your account when you are actually replenishing your account with more money.

You will not face this issue when you sign up with Solid Invest. I have to tell you that this company is different. It does not charge you any commissions on your withdrawals or deposits. You will get the money that you have requested for withdrawal. At the same time, if you have deposited $100 in your account, you will see that exact amount of money in the account.

There is something more that you will be happy to know about. So, when you enter trades, even Solid Invest will take some commission from you. However, I am pretty sure that you are going to ignore this commission is one of the smallest commissions taken by any online trading services provider. So, you will be paying a commission of just 0.82% when you trade with Solid Invest. That’s something that makes me love this broker.

The Five Account Types for All of You

I have used the term “all of you” here and that’s because I know these accounts have been designed for all the traders out there. Firstly, it will take you some time getting over the fact that you have 24/7 customer service in every account. But that’s not what’s special about this. Usually, other brokers offer you the first account as the basic account. However, you will notice something different when you sign up with this trading services provider. You will notice that there is an account even before the basic account. This one is called the Explorer account and can be started with a small amount of just $3000.

At first, I was amazed that this company had something other than the basic account. So, is there something even more basic than the basic itself? Well, I figured out that this account was suitable for those who were not confirmed about their decision to trade. So, if you want to trade but are still not sure about it, you should consider this account. If you are trading for the first time but you have already made up your mind that you want trading as a career, you can go with the basic account, which will require you to deposit at least $5000 in your account.

Every account has something that makes it valuable. With other companies, you usually sign up and get access to the education center. However, an education center is nothing more than quiet place where you find a lot of training material. You are the one who has to decide how you want to use this training material. If you can’t figure out a way, you have no one to help you really. Again, you will have to admire the uniqueness of Solid Invest in this particular area. This firm has made sure that you have a private session with an analyst even before you start trading. This will allow you to get started on the right foot.

Do keep in mind that you have other accounts that you can choose from to make the most out of your trading account with this firm. If you want a better and more detailed training session in person with an analyst, you should consider going with an advanced account. You have the platinum and gold accounts that you can use as advanced accounts and to get proper training sessions with the best traders in the world. You will be surprised to see that you can have these sessions not only once but every week if you want. In addition to that, there is an account analyst that will help you plan your trades according to your trading style, savings plan, and budget.

Get a Bonus with Every Account

The generosity of an online trading services provider tells you how much you will enjoy trading with it in the long run. You have to know that Solid Invest is there for every type of trader and from any part of the world. It does not matter where you come from or how long you have been trading for because this broker will provide you with everything on equality basis. Just because you are signing up and trading for the first time does not mean that you should get a small bonus. You will learn that when you look at the bonus information in the trading accounts from Solid Invest.

So, if you look at the explorer account, which I have already told you that it is for those who are not sure about trading as a career, you will notice that there is a bonus in that account as well. Which other company offers you any bonus when you are not even sure about trading? You can say that Solid Invest is serious about making you a trader and true investor. For that reason, it has provided you with a bonus even if you don’t want to go with the basic account. There’s a 30% bonus on your Explorer account. If you go with the Basic and Silver accounts, you get bonuses of 50% and 75% respectively. It increases if you go higher in the account levels.

Final Thoughts

So, you can see that Solid Invest is all about allowing traders from around the world to have an opportunity to create a trading career. Even if you have another online company that you want to select for trading, I would still prefer that you give a shot to this one. It has everything you need and some more on top of that. It provides you with a safe trading platform and allows you to trade the best assets that you can find in the financial markets of today.

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