Solid Marketz Review – The Main Features Making Solid Marketz One of the Safest Options out There

ByTroy Morris

Feb 9, 2021
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The broker will already win your trust when you know that it is operating under the regulation of a regulatory authority. However, I believe you will like it even more when you experience trading on its modern trading platform with tremendous tradable assets.

Solid Marketz Review

Solid Marketz logoToday, I will talk about Solid Marketz, a broker that I have personally tested for many months. I think I can be in a position to suggest something to other traders only when I have tried it myself. In this particular case, I have already tried this broker. I can tell you that there are some great things about it. However, I will not get into never-ending details. I will only talk about the features that I think make this broker one of the safest options for you to start trading online.

Solid Marketz – Safe Trading for All Traders

Mobile and Tablet App 

I can tell you that trading on a desktop computer was only a great thing in the past. Today, you want your trading platform to be with you. This allows you to capitalize on the opportunities when they arise. You don’t have to wait to come back before you can enter a trade because you lose your opportunity by that time. I can tell you that this broker has made your life easy. You can trade on a desktop computer with its trading platform, but I prefer the mobile and tablet applications. Yes, the broker has created mobile and tablet applications so you can use the trading platform on your devices conveniently.

In addition to that, you also have the trading platform available as a web based platform. You can use this format from anywhere in the world on any device that you prefer to use.

Regulated Trading

Could there be anything more important to any trader in the world than regulated trading? When you sign up with a broker that’s regulated, you know that the broker is answerable to someone for its financial activities. In this particular area, this broker has already taken care of all the matters. It is regulated by CySEC. The broker is regulated and provides you with a safe trading option on the internet. You can always trade with peace of mind that there is a third-party regulatory authority that will protect your interests as a trader with this broker.

Live Chat Feature

I cannot ignore this feature even if I try. There was a time when I had to wait in queue to talk to the customer support department of the broker. That time is gone because this broker has brought the live chat feature on its website. You can talk to the professionals from the company by using this feature. You don’t have to spend the credit on your phone or do anything special. The moment you land on the website of the broker, you are greeted by an agent from the company. Tell the agent what your issues are and the resolutions will be suggested to you instantly on the chat.

Many Deposit Options

You can use a great number of deposit options with this broker. I can honestly tell you that with most other brokers, I only see them offering you the ability to deposit money through a MasterCard or Visa credit card. With this broker, I have seen a huge list of cards that you can use to deposit money in your account. In other words, if you don’t have a Visa or MasterCard credit card, you can still use the credit card from your country to fund your account. Furthermore, you also have the bank wire transfer method.

You can always use this method when you are not sure about the credit card option. This option is a bit slower but its safety makes it a great consideration for new traders.

Cryptocurrency Trading

You can trade a variety of assets when you sign up with this broker, and that’s what makes this broker such a trader-friendly option out there. However, what I prefer is that in addition to forex currency pairs, stocks, commodities, ETFs, bonds, etc. you can also trade cryptocurrencies with this broker. Through Solid Marketz, you will be able to be a part of the online digital coin trading industry. You can trade all the safe and big cryptocurrencies that can earn you a huge return on your investments. Not to mention, you will be doing that with fixed spreads, that don’t leave a huge dent on the profits you make on your trades.

Great Trading Accounts

I don’t think I have seen another broker that can offer you such great trading accounts. With Solid Marketz, you have four different accounts that you can choose from. The best thing about the trading accounts from this broker is that they are all easy for you to join. The VIP account is the most expensive account, and even that requires you to deposit only 50,000 EUR. With other brokers, I have seen that they require hundreds of thousands of dollars from you before you can become their VIP member. Now, if you want to go with something basic, you have the Standard account for you.

Just deposit 250 EUR in your account and you will be ready to trade the best assets in the best financial markets. You can deposit your money without any commissions. Will you be charged anything on your withdrawals? Well, with this broker, you will never have to pay anything on your withdrawals.

Learn the Way You Deserve to Learn

The broker has gone above and beyond with its training material. You have all the options open for you and it is up to you which way you go. If you want to learn on your own, you can go with the video and ebook options. There are some really awesome tutorials that explain the most complex concepts in the easiest possible manners. You can learn through webinars by listening to some great experts of trading. You might not get personalized coaching with the basic account, but you will definitely get it with every other account on the list.

Final Thoughts

The broker will already win your trust when you know that it is operating under the regulation of a regulatory authority. However, I believe you will like it even more when you experience trading on its modern trading platform with tremendous tradable assets.

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