Soldex – Using AI-Powered Trading to Solve DEX Problems

ByDawn Pipkin

Oct 11, 2021

The financial markets have seen multiple assets’ introduced over the past year. For now, more than 12,000 coins circulate on swaps and exchanges. The tokens, most of them wrapped ERC20 or ERC20, have faced technical issues. Here’s what Soldex boasts to solve problems related to DEXs.

  • Efficiency

Soldex is a Solana-based exchange that aims to conquer all the issues facing DEX websites. They include poor performance that the ERC20 network encounters at the moment. Solana appears more efficient, handling over 50,000 transactions each second, for mostly $0.00001 in every transaction.

  • Liquidity

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) have acted as a solution to investors that do not want centralized platforms like FTX and Binance, named for assets’ liquidity, translating to slippage. Investors find slippage unattractive since it might ruin the overall trade. Soldex solves the issue through liquidity incentives, something that most centralized platforms never provide.

  • AI-Powered Algo Trading

Algorithmic trading is something worth every trader’s attention. So far, centralized exchanges have adopted trading bots, whether via third-party apps or features within the crypto exchange. Soldex offers the first investment bots for decentralized exchanges, introducing algorithmic trading for DEX fans and investors’ private wallets.

You might have heard about GPT3 A.I powering multiple apps. It is among the sophisticated AIs in the financial markets, improving its services as it learns what investors need. These new bots will revolutionize Algo trading into a sophisticated mechanism.

Soldex Features

  • Permissionless

Investors cab trade perpetual on their preferred pairing. The governance guarantees the best pairs and promises the most secure oracles.

  • Incentivized Liquidity

Liquidity pool trading is about enough tokens in every pool to ensure instant trades. Soldex solves this issue by incentivizing investors to provide liquidity by depositing assets.

  • Community Governance

Asset holders can create consensus through voting on proposals for better governance or introducing proposals for votes.

  • Network Foundation Layers

Soldex ensures asset attraction and building incentives to empower the financial products’ ecosystem.

  • Light-Speed Swaps & Real-Time Settlement

Soldex guarantees an efficient investment experience.

For now, Soldex conducts a private SOLX tokens sale to interested retailers. You can contact the sales team ( to join this private sale. You can access more info on that via a visit.

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