President of Belarus wants Country to Mine Cryptocurrencies

ByEdward Thompson

Sep 3, 2021

In today’s time, every day a new country is seen adopting cryptocurrencies. This is because the industry has grown so big and adaptable, it has become inevitable for countries to ignore its existence anymore.

In the past, several countries such as Georgia, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, and many more have adopted cryptocurrencies. This is because no country is now able to deny the fact that the crypto-verse is going to stay forever.

Over time, the cryptocurrency space has grown so big that it now has the potential to impact the economies in a positive/negative manner. Although the industry can impact the economy in both manners, the industry is currently experiencing an upward trend.

Therefore, countries from around the world are adopting cryptocurrencies on a large scale. Especially, countries with struggling and weak economies are trying their best to adopt cryptocurrencies. This way, the countries are aiming to come up with ways in order to boost their economies.

This is what the president of El Salvador had in mind when he started supporting the idea of adopting cryptocurrencies as a legal tender. Now, the country is almost close to adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender in the country, which means it will be used just like the USD.

However, the president of El Salvador is not the only person who has done that. Just recently, Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, has urged his government to look into the possibility of adopting cryptocurrencies.

According to Lukashenko, the state of Belarus must start investing in cryptocurrency mining activities. The country needs to come up with its strategy around the usage of the spare electricity infrastructure. The country needs to invest in cryptocurrencies and expedite the process of launching mining operations in the country.

Lukashenko shared his views about cryptocurrency mining while he was attending the opening of the plant for mining and processing. The name of the particular plant is Petrikovsky, which was opened on August 27, 2021.

While at the opening, Lukashenko stated that the workers living on low pays and wages must move to different mining processes where they can earn good money. This is when he advised the workers there to invest in cryptocurrency mining operations and start earning more money than they currently do.

He stated that instead of paying high amounts for mining operations outside the country, they must initiate mining operations in Belarus.

According to Lukashenko, the country has enough electricity reserves and resources that it can operate mining operations for cryptocurrencies on a large scale. This way, the country will be able to use the spare energy in order to mine cryptocurrencies on a large scale and increase its economic revenue.

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