Millennials Are The Key Demographic For Daos

ByDawn Pipkin

Dec 11, 2022

Many companies that operate in the crypto industry are not companies in the traditional sense of the word. These entities are autonomously governed organizations with a strong focus on decentralization (DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Many representatives of the millennial and Gen Z generations are quite interested in joining such companies and contributing to society without ever going to work in a dull office.

A survey that provides valuable insights

A single reason to join the crypto market now is that it has the most important demographic in its pocket. Millennial people are the ones who are currently overtaking previous generations in terms of economic importance. They are the ones spending and generating value in economies across the globe.

Coincidentally, the crypto industry aims to disrupt many traditional businesses and ecosystems.

The recent survey by MetisDAO Foundation revealed that COVID-19 changed everything and significantly increased the number of people who would like to work from home. 75% of 1,100 recipients said that traditional businesses must reconsider their approach to hiring and conducting business.

Many people simply do not want to return to offices and would like companies to start focusing on remote jobs.

About 47% of people were more than ready to join a DAO or a DAC project as full-time remote employees. The overwhelming majority expressed their desire to purchase a voting token in a DAO.

These findings are backed up by numbers. For example, the growth of DAO treasuries grew from $400 to $16 billion in just two years (2019 — 21). The number of participants also increased to over 1.5 million users over the same period.

Are DAOs the imminent future of business?

We are looking at a fascinating slice of the timeline of the world. The traditional model of working employees to death in small offices is outdated. Specialists are moving to freelance and remote work to have some balance in their lives.

DAOs are offering unique opportunities to many millennial and Gen Z workers who do not see value in white-collar jobs and traditional office experiences.

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