Last Quarter Saw More Bitcoin Being Acquired by MicroStrategy

ByEdward Thompson

Oct 27, 2021

Just recently, reports have started coming in about another Bitcoin that was carried out by MicroStrategy. Ever since the end of August 2020, MicroStrategy has been involved in acquiring huge volumes of Bitcoin (BTC). Whenever the price of Bitcoin experiences a dip, MicroStrategy uses the opportunity to its benefit and goes for a decent purchase of Bitcoins.

This time, the reports reveal that MicroStrategy has acquired almost 9,000 Bitcoin. The sources reveal that these Bitcoin have been acquired by MicroStrategy in the third quarter of 2021. After the acquisition of almost 9,000 more Bitcoin, the total Bitcoin MicroStrategy has translated to $7 billion in value.

The main source that has made the information public is the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The US SEC has revealed that MicroStrategy has mentioned the acquisition of a total of 8,957 Bitcoin in the third quarter of 2021. It has mentioned the new acquisition of Bitcoin in the quarterly report submitted at the US SEC.

The US SEC has also revealed that there are possibilities that MicroStrategy may proceed with acquiring more Bitcoin in the running/upcoming quarters. The US SEC has revealed that the founder and chief executive of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor has hinted that more BTC acquisitions may be underway.

Even at the beginning of 2021, Michael Saylor had stated that they were not going to stop accumulating Bitcoin. He stated that they would continue accumulating Bitcoin whenever it is possible for them. Despite the lows that Bitcoin had to face in January of 2021, then the second quarter, and now the third quarter, MicroStrategy has remained true to its claim.

At present, MicroStrategy is ranked as the top publicly traded corporate company with the highest accumulation of Bitcoin. Michael Saylor bragged about the company’s achievement in acquiring another batch of 8,957 Bitcoin. He remarked how the company has managed to bring its overall Bitcoin accumulation up to 114,000 Bitcoins.

Saylor has stated that ever since they started accumulating Bitcoin, the situation has turned out to be in their favor. They have successfully garnered a tremendous number of Bitcoin and they are going to continue with their practice.

Saylor stated that they will continue monitoring the situation and the Bitcoin market to make decisions and go for more Bitcoin purchases. The company has been going after every opportunity to generate capital in order to generate more funds for more Bitcoin.

Only in the year 2020, MicroStrategy had spent over $1.125 billion for the acquisition of Bitcoins that were valued at more than $2 billion by the end of 2020.

This goes to show that the company has been making the right choices and decisions for the acquisition of large volumes of Bitcoin.

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