Institutional Investors Seeking to Invest in Cryptocurrencies by 2022

ByEdward Thompson

Oct 1, 2021

Almost 12 years back, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology had been developed and launched through the internet. At that time, the only exposure both technologies had was among computer enthusiasts and programmers.

The crypto-blockchain had no recognition whatsoever throughout the world. The only exposure the industry had was negative, a majority of the traditional financial institutions sought strict actions against the sector. It was mainly due to the regulatory and compliance deficiency in the industry. Most importantly, it was the first-ever sector that was decentralized in nature.

The very decentralized nature of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology made it indigestible for the traditional financial sectors. Therefore, the traditional financial sectors made several attempts to shut down the process.

In the meanwhile, the aggression of the regulatory authorities was also rising against the crypto-blockchain sector. Despite all the efforts and profitability, governments from around the world were concerned that the crypto-blockchain sector lacked regulatory infrastructure.

With time, the crypto-blockchain sector started adhering to the policies, which soon made the crypto-sector somewhat adaptable for mainstream investors.

Then after a decade, it was time for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry to shine throughout the world. The first major mainstream company to adopt cryptocurrencies was PayPal, which paved the way for the crypto sector towards mainstream adoption.

Over the course of time, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology made their presence known on a global scale. This is the reason why the crypto-blockchain sector has gained tremendous adoption and recognition among the mainstream industry.

Now, the situation is completely different from what it used to be a decade back. The mainstream sector that once despised the cryptocurrency sector is now rising in favor of the cryptocurrency industry. Most of the mainstream institutions and investors want to gain exposure in the cryptocurrency industry.

With so much mainstream interest growing towards the cryptocurrency sector, it had become necessary to find out how many mainstream investors are aiming to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, a survey was conducted by one of the asset management firms to find out how many investors from the mainstream sector are aiming to invest in cryptocurrencies. The results from the survey were quite obvious and summarized as to how much mainstream investment would come towards the crypto-sector.

The asset management firm had reportedly conducted a survey among mainstream investors who currently have no exposure to cryptocurrencies. Out of the total participants, 62% of the mainstream investors have stated that they are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies. They stated that they would either invest towards the end of 2021 or in 2022.

According to the 62% of participants, they see cryptocurrencies as one of the most profitable long-term investment options. Therefore, they are not willing to let go of the opportunity.

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