GlobalTrades Review, – Is Global Trades Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

ByDawn Pipkin

Dec 5, 2022
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Read our GlobalTrades review at Forex Tools Trader to know everything about the Global Trades trading platform and why we recommend this broker to traders. You can sign up with in the link below or read our full GlobalTrades review to learn more.

GlobalTrades Review

GlobalTrades logoThe brokers on the internet that provide traders with trading services have to understand a few things. The first thing that they have to realize is that many traders are holding back from trading only because of the trust issue.

They don’t want to be duped into losing money, which happens at times to those who make a financial transaction on the internet. While other brokers are thinking of taking measures for trader security, my GlobalTrades review focuses on this broker that I think has everything in order already.

The trading system from this company is one that I can be proud of if you are talking specifically about trader security. What makes me and many other traders trust is so much you may ask? Well, read the complete Global Trades review and you will know too.

GlobalTrades homepage

Trading Signals and Alerts for Everyone

Pick one of the accounts from the list and you will qualify to get trading signals and alerts from the broker. If you have signed up with an account that includes this feature, you will never have to separately pay for it.

What it means is that this feature will be activated for you at all times forever. With trading alerts, you get to know about the most important events taking place in the markets. For example, if you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, you will know about all the events that could affect your crypto trades at any point in the future.

Furthermore, to help you with crypto trading, the broker also has trading signals in place. With trading signals, you can get an idea of what position you should take while trading a particular asset. Use these amazing features to make your predictions more reliable.

Sign in with Peace of Mind

Your trading account is being protected in multiple ways by GlobalTrades broker. First of all, do you know that having just a password for your trading account is not considered safe anymore?

You will have to have another one-time code in place that’s sent to you every time you are signing into your account. This one-time password ensures only you access your platform at any given moment.

So, when you sign up with Global Trades broker, you will be signing into your trading account by going through this 2FA authentication procedure. You will enter a conventional password and also a one-time password or code sent to you on your phone.

Another important thing to mention here is that the broker is protecting your account through monitoring as well. It notes your patterns to see how you trade on the platform or what activities you perform most of the time.

As soon as its algorithms identify the patterns to be changing abruptly, the company will inform you and get your confirmation. It will unblock the account once you confirm that it was you using the account.

GlobalTrades website

Data and Money Protection

You will have to share some personal data when you open a trading account with Whether you are a forex trader, stocks trader, or a crypto trader looking for the perfect platform for crypto trading, you will be required to share your personal and banking details. It’s good news that Globaltrades io has some great measures in place to protect both.

It keeps your funds in segregated accounts so the money that belongs to the company and you is kept in separate accounts. Secondly, it encrypts all the information you provide on the website so no unauthorized parties can intercept your data and compromise on its security.

Final Thoughts

It is okay to look at bonuses and other promotions when you sign up with a broker, but it should never let you forget about your security as a trader.

If you don’t feel safe on a platform, you will never be able to trade with peace of mind. I think GlobalTrades can offer you plenty of peace of mind when you choose to trade on its platform.

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