FirstCapital1 Review – What Makes This Broker Special?

ByTroy Morris

Dec 11, 2022
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Read our FirstCapital1 review at Forex Tools Trader to know everything about the FirstCapital1 trading platform and why we recommend this broker to traders. You can sign up with FirstCapital1 in the link below or read our full FirstCapital1 review to learn more.

FirstCapital1 Review

FirstCapital1 logoIt is common knowledge that a lot of online platforms are designed to be suitable for only a specific group of traders. At times, you look at the features from a broker and wonder if it would be a good step for you to sign up with it. I went through the same when I was a trader like you.

However, I finally found a platform that put an end to this dilemma. This platform is for all types of traders and I can prove that in this FirstCapital1 review.

I want to talk about its features in detail and let you make up your mind about them. I am sure when you look at those features you will also agree that it is for example, advanced, and pro-level traders. Let’s get into the review.

Trading Accounts with Varying Features

If the platform was for a particular group of traders, it wouldn’t offer you anything other than a single account type. However, that’s not the case when you sign up with FirstCapital1. This broker is all about offering you choices so you can pick the account that suits your trading style and offers you the features that you think you will need when trading.

FirstCapital1 website

So, you have the trading accounts going from basic trading to advanced trading, and even professional trading. You can pick any account of your choice and activate it by making the minimum initial deposit required for it.

Each account has different features and the set of features you get with each account is suited to your trading level. If you are at a basic trading and sign up with a basic trading account, you will get features that suit basic level of trading. In this way, you only spend on features that you are really going to use.

All the Assets You Can Expect

The asset index from this broker is something you can really admire. You get access to many markets from the same platform. What I want to mention specifically here is that you can be in all of these markets at the same time.

So, you can open a trading position in the forex market and at the same time you can open a trading position in cryptocurrencies. You are not limited with your choices either. What I mean by that is that when you jump into a particular asset class, you will have dozens if not hundreds of assets to choose from.

So, if you go into the forex currency pairs, you will not be limited to the major currency pairs, which is the case with most online brokerages out there.

FirstCapital1 trading assets

You can actually trade minor pairs and those with extremely high volatility as well. Furthermore, you can trade cryptocurrencies that are not limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum. You also have access to many commodities, hundreds of stocks, and just as many indices from various markets of the world.

Trading Conditions You Like

The trading conditions that you will have on this market are designed specifically for you. You can go with options that suit you the most. For example, if you would like to trade with small leverage, you can use small leverage. However, with advanced trading accounts, you have some big leverages available as well.

At the same time, the spreads on your trades also change as you go from one account to another. Most traders have been found really impressed with the fact that they are not bothered with hidden charges and various other fees when they trade on this platform.

Final Thoughts

You have now read about FirstCapital1 and the features it offers. Do you think it is limited to a particular type of traders? If you look closely, you will find out that it is one of the rare breed of online trading platforms that take care of the needs of all types of traders. So, whether you are starting trading or switching your existing platform, this broker is suitable for you.

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