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ByDawn Pipkin

Feb 19, 2023
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Read our External Coins review at Forex Tools Trader to know everything about the External Coins trading platform and why we recommend this broker to traders. You can sign up with Externalcoins.com in the link below or read our full ExternalCoins review to learn more.

External Coins Review

external-coins-logoExternal Coins is an online broker known for its fast and efficient trading services in options and futures. The broker calls itself a “No whistles, No bells” broker, but it does not mean it offers specific trading facilities.

The broker guarantees the execution of a fast trade process at an optimal price for its customers. External Coins broker is an ideal trading platform for traders with commendable experience in crypto trading or those running other platforms, such as trading schools.

A comprehensive External Coins reviews is discussed below that might help in understanding the services provided by the platform to its customers before they finalize one for trading.

External Coins Homepage

Tradable Asset Classes

A wide range of futures and options is offered by ExternalCoins to its customers. However, one cannot trade bonds and stocks directly using a broker. It allows fast trading procedures at comparatively lower commissions that appeal to customers worldwide.

In addition, the platform offers futures options on all kinds of daily life commodities, from meat to vegetables, and contracts on precious metals such as gold, copper, etc.


Externalcoins.com makes sure that it safeguards the data of its customers by using the latest data encryption technology.

Trading futures involves many risks and can also lead to the insolvency of a broker in some cases; however, External Coins takes its customers into confidence, assuring them their funds and credentials are safe with the platform.

Tools and Platforms

ExternalCoins broker provides three different trading platforms for its customers: a web platform, a mobile application, and a pro trader platform.

The broker provides easy access to all its trading platforms without charging any fee. In addition, the online platforms do not have any limitations over the trade volume or asset classes chosen by the customers.

External Coins ensures quick trading and convenient management of accounts through these platforms. Moreover, traders can also get their hands on advanced features such as charting tools, one-click trade execution, exchange order books, etc.

External Coins website


External Coins charges a minimal commission from its traders regardless of the trading frequency or volume.

Although the broker is still making its place in the market, its commission charges are still less than most competitive brokers in the financial sector. Moreover, there is no transaction fee or any inactivity charged by Externalcoins.com.

Customer Support

An efficient and quick customer support service is the most distinctive feature of External Coins. Not every broker in the market offers a customer support service all 7 days a week.

Traders can get their problems solved within no time by accessing the team or the broker through the live chat option on their website or via the telephone.

Research Offerings

The broker has not invested much yet in providing pertinent research findings to its customers. However, traders can update themselves and utilize all advanced tools and strategies via the trading platforms of the broker.

Ease of Use

External Coins is a relatively convenient platform to be used where the customers have to follow a few steps to open an account. Then he has to add funds to his account and can enjoy a comfortable trading experience utilizing all trading platforms integrated with the broker.

Moreover, for beginners, Externalcoins.com also offers a demo account where they can check the reliability and usage of the platform before properly investing in it.

External Coins broker provides a trader-friendly environment to the customers despite the fact they are beginners or professionals.

Overall Rating

External Coins is still striving to make a prominent place in the financial market; however, it is equipped with several technological advancements and accessible tools, attracting traders globally.

Moreover, the broker charges a minimal fee from its customers. It has not been raised even once since its inception. Traders can get all information regarding the trading procedures, policies, efficiency, and value of the broker from its official website.


External Coins allows its customers to enjoy trading through an inexpensive yet efficient platform. It is an easily accessible trading platform that has made crypto trading a handful experience for its customers.

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