Exposed: How Crypto Analysts Uncover Manipulation Behind Bullish Trends

ByGavin Cole

Mar 19, 2023

Il Capo of Crypto, a well-known anonymous crypto trader, and analyst, recently made a comeback on Twitter with an update regarding the “bull traps” to his loyal and authentic followers. After a brief hiatus, the analyst shared his opinion on the highly manipulated movement from the bearish lows, focusing on BUSD and USDC.

Market Exit: CryptoCapo

Notably, on March 19, CryptoCapo posted on Twitter that he “remains negative and entirely out of the market”:

The trader took a moment to contemplate the overwhelming amount of “Twitter noise” directed towards him in recent weeks. He acknowledged the attention surrounding his analysis and predictions regarding the suspected manipulation of the crypto market’s bullish movement. Despite criticism, the trader remained silent for several long days before resurfacing.

According to the tweeter, who indicated that the time away from Twitter had been extremely helpful and vital, the time away from Twitter was reported to have been spent. They conveyed their appreciation to individuals interested in their personal lives and their curiosity and enjoyment of their existence.

On February 17, the trader came forth with a lengthy statement directed against his avaricious adversaries, telling them that “respect is important.” In addition, it was said that even if the market seems optimistic, people have a substantial adverse reaction to it because they are “afraid of losing.”

The trader made sporadic appearances on Twitter, maintaining his stance that the current market environment is unfavorable for investing and that he would not make any purchases. He went so far as to let his followers know he was staying away from public spaces to escape the “Twitter negativity.”

Testing broken supports

On January 9, the trader stated that there was a lack of “bullish confirmation” and explained that there was not a single bullish confirmation yet and that a bearish trend was still intact. The trader further pointed out that Bitcoin and most of the market tested broken supports as resistances and that this pattern had been repeatedly observed.

It is fascinating to see that the comments made by the community on his tweets are proof of their love and faith in him. Several users tweeted their full approval of him, while others fervently demanded that he return.

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