Cardano (ADA) Market Oversold: Signs of Bullish Reversal Ahead

ByGavin Cole

Mar 21, 2023

The Cardano market (ADA) has been dominated by bearish momentum over the past 24 hours, with an intraday high of $0.3456 and a low of $0.3318. This demonstrates that the market is in a bearish trend, and it’s possible that holders of Cardano are selling off their holdings in anticipation of further price declines.

This decrease is probably the outcome of increased selling pressure from consumers who benefited from the price increase. The price has fallen from 1.19% to $0.3395 due to persistent bearish pressure as of press time.

Due to the recession, market capitalization dropped by 0.90% to $11,825,005,474, while 24-hour trading volume dropped by 8.37% to $305,178,005. This decline is due to investors’ caution and uncertainty as they closely monitor the ADA market and postpone making significant investments until they perceive a recovery.

ADA/USD Technical Analysis: CMF, Aroon

A Chaikin Money Flow (CMF), with its line facing south and a value of -0.14, is on the negative side. This demonstrates that the market is under selling pressure and that there is a bearish trend because more money is leaving the market than it is coming in.

Aroon up at 7.14% and Aroon down at 92.86%, indicates that the trend is strongly bearish and is supporting the negative outlook in the ADA market. These signs point to the possibility that prices may drop further unless there is a significant change in market sentiment or a reliable trigger that could increase demand for ADA. Bullish momentum cannot resume until the Aroon up crosses above the Aroon down and maintains its position above it for a significant period of time.

ADA/USD Technical Analysis: Bollinger Bands, MFI, BBP

The ADA 3-hour price chart shows the lower and upper Bollinger bands at 0.332 and 0.350, respectively. The difference between the upper and lower band of the Bollinger Bands is known as the bandwidth, which in this case, is 0.018. This indicates a relatively narrow trading range for ADA on the 3-hour chart. 

This move suggests that the bearishness in the ADA market may be losing momentum, and a potential trend reversal could occur soon. The price may swing into the lower band, giving traders the option to buy; however, as it rises toward the top bar, they may have the option to sell.

The ADA 3-hour price chart’s Money Flow Index (MFI) line has a value of 29.19 and is facing south, indicating that the market is under strong selling pressure. This suggests that investors are liquidating their ADA holdings, which could result in a short-term price decline.

The ADA market’s Bull Bear Power (BBP) is now negative, with a score of -0.00, indicating that the bears are currently in charge of market sentiment. This pattern suggests that a negative trend is likely to develop soon, and traders may wish to consider short positions or wait for a bullish reversal before establishing long positions.

In conclusion, the ADA market may see a possible reversal as indicators suggest that the market is oversold and traders may be using this as a buying opportunity in anticipation of a bull rally.


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