European Shares See Major Rally Following Major UK Policy Reversal

ByEdward Thompson

Oct 17, 2022

The stock market continues to face down the barrel of a bear market, as most of the stock options fail to make any significant gains. And while there is no end in sight for the current bearish conditions throughout the market, there are some glimpses of the market making progress.

More specifically, as Britain’s fiscal plan completely stepped back, the market could breathe a sigh of relief and investors cheered on the decision.

The now canceled fiscal plan was yet another major win for the stock market, as it continued to recover from the downtrodden week before. The plan had already started to hurt multiple financial markets, with its ripples being felt throughout.

Therefore, following the reversal of the plan, investors showed incredible support for the market and the STOXX 600 managed to climb a little more on Monday.

Making Rallies in the Market

Of course, the STOXX 600 wasn’t the only index that managed to climb following the announcement. Britain’s own ITV also managed to rally as well, showing the overall goodwill that the market managed to generate as a result of the announcement.

The rise of the STOXX 600 was also very impressive, as it gained by 1.8%, marking the third consecutive session where it managed to see major gains. As a result of the continued progress that the stock market is making, investors sentiment is being restored significantly.

Various STOXX 600 Sectors Managed to Do Well

Following the announcement that the British Government would be scrapping the new fiscal plan, nearly even major sectors in the STOXX 600 managed to grow. The real estate sector saw a rise of 4%, with leisure and travel stocks in quick pursuit at 3.3%. Furthermore, the best addition to the 600 was how banks had managed to add another 2.3%.

A major market analyst also shared his thoughts on the current market condition and how most of the market is expected to grow in a matter of months.

He said that the message that the British government was trying to put forward was very simple, they wanted to reinstall trust in investors about the current institutions. They want investors to not feel like the government is against them. And by helping rebuild that trust, the British government will be able to bring in more investors into the stock market.

Building Trust With the Investors

The British government saw firsthand how following the wishes of its investors will allow them to improve overall trust and gain a better reputation. More importantly, they can see that prices for various stocks can skyrocket in a matter of days if the investors feel like they are being respected.

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