• Gala was among the successful metaverse coins in 2021.
  • Storj is an open-source platform storing data on decentralized nodes.
  • Loopring is a protocol that allows the creation of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

As a step to expand its portfolio to ensure the latest and leading assets to its customers, trading platform eToro declared adding four crypto tokens: Storj, Loopring, Balancer, and metaverse coin GALA. These tokens rallied following the updates. Let us check reactions by each CRYPTO.


GALA ranks 56 in the crypto list by market capitalization. It is Gala Games’ native coin. The token’s holders enjoy various benefits, including improving the gaming sector by allowing gamers control.

Gala Games aims to change the narrative that games may spend lots of money on in-game products and countless hours. The platform wants to ensure a seamless gaming experience. It aims to reintroduce creative thinking in gaming by allowing gamers to control in-game assets using blockchain technology.


Balancer is an AMM (automated market maker launched on Ethereum blockchain in 2020 March. Its seed round by Accomplice and Placeholder saw it raising $3 million. Balancer protocol operates as a liquidity provider, self-balancing weighted portfolio, and price sensor. It allows customers to earn profits bits the latest token BAL as they contribute to modifiable liquidity pools.


Loopring is a platform supporting creation of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Centralized exchanges boast various disadvantages. Furthermore, fully DEXs have their flaws. Loopring aims to combine decentralized and centralized on-blockchain orders, ensuring the best from each category. The hybrid protocol boasts several benefits while eliminating inefficiencies.


Storj is a storage network that uses a decentralized network node to store user data. Moreover, the platform uses advanced encryption to secure hosted data. Individuals with good internet access and hard drive space may participate in this network. They then become the network’s unit. Meanwhile, it rewards space providers with Storj tokens.

Meanwhile, the decentralized nature makes Storj unique in different ways. For instance, it operates on many independent computers. Remember, traditional storage solutions use large data centers to store data. All you need is consistent internet connectivity to interact with the platform.

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