DXCBIT Review – An Overview of their Offerings

ByEdward Thompson

Aug 1, 2021


The decision to engage in online trading is one that many people are taking nowadays because of the profitable opportunities that can be explored. The best part about it is that you can be your own boss and decide how much or how little you wish to trade. Yes, your skills, knowledge, experience, and strategies matter, but so does the broker you choose for your trading needs. Therefore, you have to scrutinize a company carefully before you decide to use their services, as it can impact your profits at the end of the day. This DXCBIT review can assist you in this regard because it provides an overview of the broker’s offerings.

This forex and CFD broker has managed to climb up steadily in the financial markets, despite facing a lot of competition. DXCBIT hasn’t been around for very long, but its positive reputation has surpassed that of many other companies that exist in the markets. What does it offer? You can peruse the review below to know:

Access to numerous markets

The first offering of the broker that immediately grabs your attention is the access to numerous markets you can get. You will discover that DXCBIT has opted not to focus on just one financial market and offers a plethora of trading instruments that belong to different global markets. This means that you can use one trading account to diversify your portfolio as much as you want. 

This is certainly beneficial because it means that you can reduce your trading risks significantly. Moreover, you can also make high profits because DXCBIT has opted to add some of the most popular and profitable instruments from every market. You can choose from soft and hard commodities, volatile and popular cryptocurrencies, lucrative indices, prominent stocks and major and minor currency pairs. 

Top-notch security safeguards 

One of the prominent features of the DXCBIT is their attention towards the security of their clients. Being aware of the security risks, their team has come up with strong measures for minimizing the risk of identity theft and personal data theft. Likewise, they also keep funds secure to prevent any discrepancies and misappropriation. 

Your deposits are kept in segregated accounts, which means DXCBIT does not use them for its own obligations and keeps them separate. In addition, they also use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and data encryption for protecting your personal and sensitive information that it accumulates. It also becomes apparent that they comply with KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies for reducing the risk of financial fraud, identity theft and money laundering.

A trading platform accessible from anywhere

Another great offering that you will come across at DXCBIT is their trading platform. First off, they have chosen to offer their clients the best i.e. the MT4 trading platform. It is considered the leading trading platform in the industry because of its feature-rich yet simple environment that makes it easy to use and offers quick trade execution. 

Along with this option, you will come to know that DXCBIT also offers a web trading platform that you can access from anywhere. This gives traders a lot of flexibility and allows them to take advantage of as many opportunities as they want. They have also integrated a bunch of trading tools, such as an economic calendar, price alerts, live charts and more for helping traders in making good and smart decisions.

24/5 customer support

Checking what kind of support is available is a must and you will be pleased to find that DXCBIT offers 24/5 customer support, which means you can get the answers you need as quickly as possible. You can reach out to them via phone, or send in an email. The online contact form given on their website can also be filled with your query to contact their team.

Wrapping it Up

Thanks to this overview of the offerings at DXCBIT, it is apparent that it is a professional platform that can help you enjoy your trading experience. 

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