Coinfluence’s ICO Platform to Solve Crypto Influencer Marketing Problem

ByEdward Thompson

Jul 23, 2021

The digital nature of the crypto market demands a unique marketing environment. It seems that in the modern day’s digital environment, traditional marketing approaches seem outdated. The young generation of netizens believe in word of mouth rather than relying on advertisement campaigns.

Shortly, the value of the influencers market is estimated to reach around $14 billion. Hence, Confluence decided to establish itself as the crypto influencer platform for the future. Confluence decided to join hands with top-end influencers for the completion of future projects.

This will help solve the crypto market problems. Confluence hinted to develop a platform based on holistic influencer-driven exposure to tokens. The Confluence officials told Bloomberg that the company is looking forward to building an environment with the presence of high-end influencers those influencers will bring the right people on board. Influencers and experts will work as a stakeholder and help Coinfluence successfully launch the new crypto tokens. The plan is to bring influencers on board to further strengthen cryptomarket.

Confluence will enlist multiple digital tokens on its ICO platform, the listing would base on multiple factors, permitting only painstakingly scrutinized projects to be listed.  This would provide much clear and risk-free investment opportunities for the investors to invest, on the other hand, it will minimize the chances for prudential activities.

The base of this newly proposed ecosystem is the CFLU token. CFLU token is designed for the mutual benefits of investors and influencers. The approved tokens would begin their trade through CFLU token launchpad. The community will also be able to acquire their tokens through the CFLU platform.

However, an exact proportion of tax would be imposed on each transaction, a specific amount would be distributed for liquidity. Apart from that staking rewards would be offered.  The Confluence ecosystem is powered by Binance Smart Chain-based BEP-20 compliant CFLU token. In total there are 1Billion CFLU tokens, of which 650 million are available for trade-in recently launched a token sale.

The completion of each of the 100 phases will make the CFLU token more expensive. The current price is 0.0056 USD per 1 CFLU. 100 million out of 650 million available CFLU tokens kept aside for financing the platform. The Coinfluence ecosystem is a unique approach intended to guide the inventors while acquiring the services of market influencers. This newly proposed approach will bring digital technology and social media audiences together.

However, the unique taxation system proposed by Coinfluence brings simplicity to crypto trading. The taxation system proposes the idea where 10% of all the transactions will be deducted. 4% will go to liquidity pools, 4% will go to token holders and 2% will be used for marketing purposes and the growth of the platform.

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