Banking Giant Forecasts Soaring ETH Value by 2026

ByGavin Cole

Oct 12, 2023

Standard Chartered, a renowned British multinational bank, ignited excitement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts recently, projecting that Ethereum’s native digital currency, ether, could escalate to an impressive $8,000 valuation by the close of 2026.

Ethereum’s Path to $8,000

The projections by Standard Chartered Bank paint a future where Ethereum (ETH) isn’t just thriving but dominating, poised to hit the $8,000 mark by the close of 2026.

A blend of existing and emerging applications of this blockchain is expected to catalyze this astronomical rise. Geoff Kendrick, an esteemed FX analyst at the bank, sees the multifaceted utility of ETH as a magnet that will attract significant demand and, in turn, boost its price.

ETH’s command over smart contracts is undeniable. However, Kendrick envisages a future where real-world applications, especially in gaming and tokenization, accentuate Ethereum’s value.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) currently headline ETH’s applications. Yet, the anticipation of broader, mainstream adoption looms, promising a robust demand that extends beyond the confines of today’s primary use cases.

Moreover, Ethereum’s imminent technical improvements, especially in Layer 2 scaling networks, are seen as pivotal. The rollouts, including proto-danksharding, are expected to lower transaction fees significantly.

This enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness are predicted to fortify Ethereum’s dominance in the smart contract realm, offering it a competitive edge that could very well be translated into a higher price and market capitalization.

Standard Chartered’s forecast rests on a foundation of growing utility, technical innovations, and mainstream adoption. While the $8,000 mark is ambitious, the underlying factors suggest it’s a reachable target.

In the rapidly evolving world of crypto, the interplay of technology and real-world application will likely continue to be the harbingers of value, and for Ethereum, the future, as predicted, is luminous.

The FX analyst, underscores the anticipated impact of Bitcoin’s 2024 halving on ether’s value. He predicts this event, coupled with potential U.S. regulations and spot ETFs introduction post the 2024 election, will push ether to $4,000 by 2025’s end. 

Kendrick sees the $8,000 mark as a stepping stone towards a long-term valuation ranging between $26,000 and $35,000 for ether, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between technological evolution, regulatory developments, and market dynamics in shaping Ethereum’s future trajectory.

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Digital Finance

Standard Chartered is not just focused on the intrinsic value and potentials of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s equally attuned to the external factors, regulatory climate being paramount, that could shape the trajectories of these digital assets.

The bank’s research lead in forex and crypto believes that anticipated U.S. regulations, especially around spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs), could be a significant boon for both BTC and ETH.

Navigating the complex and often uncertain waters of cryptocurrency requires not just an understanding of the technology and its applications but also the regulatory landscape that envelopes it.

Regulations, particularly in a market as influential as the U.S., can make or break a digital asset’s adoption curve and price trajectory. In this context, the potential introduction of spot ETFs is seen as a positive development that could provide an additional layer of legitimacy and accessibility to cryptocurrencies.

Since making its foray into the realm of crypto research in September 2021, Standard Chartered has been a source of insightful analyses. Eric Robertsen, the bank’s global head of research and chief strategist, underscores the rapidly diminishing gap between traditional finance and the digital world.

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