Bank of America Talks about El Salvador’s Bitcoin Strategy

ByEdward Thompson

Aug 4, 2021

As per the latest reports, the Bank of America has shared its views on the strategy that El Salvador has adopted in terms of Bitcoin adoption. Bank of America is currently counted among some of the largest financial institutions in the United States based on total assets.

Ever since El Salvador has legalized cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC) in the country, the majority of the regulators have criticized the country’s action. Even the majority of the traditional financial institutions have continued criticizing El Salvador over its adoption of Bitcoin.

The majority of the traditional financial institutions including the regulators have claimed that El Salvador has made a desperate call to adopt Bitcoin. The country is only trying to fight off the loans and economic pressure it is currently facing. Therefore, the country has resorted to what it considers profitable in the short run but is going to prove disadvantageous in the long run.

On the other hand, the Bank of America is of a different view and is looking at El Salvador’s recent move from a different angle. According to Bank of America, El Salvador may have a lot to gain and benefit from its orientation towards Bitcoin adoption.

While the analysts at the Bank of America are known for bashing Bitcoin, they have shared positive feedback about El Salvador’s involvement with Bitcoin. According to BoA analysts, Bitcoin can help El Salvador solve many problems that the country is facing at present.

With the adoption of Bitcoin, El Salvador would be able to solve many of the financial problems that it is currently faced with. Furthermore, the country would be able to streamline many processes that are currently an obstacle to the development and growth of the country’s economy.

The analysts at the Bank of America highlighted that El Salvador’s recognition of Bitcoin as a legal entity would help it streamline many processes. Some of the processes include the promotion of financial digitization, streamlining of remittances.

Furthermore, the adoption of Bitcoin could also help the firms and companies in El Salvador (ES) to open up to several companies internationally. Most importantly, ES would be able to offer its services to the countries such as the United States on a wider scale.

The country would also be able to benefit greatly by mining Bitcoin. At present, one of the most profitable activities in the cryptocurrency industry is the mining of Bitcoin. Things would become more interesting and profitable when the government is also involved in such activities.

At present, the gross domestic product for El Salvador is remittances, making up for a 24% figure. However, the public is extremely concerned about the high fees they have to pay for each and every remittance.

According to the analysts at the Bank of America, once El Salvador fully adopts Bitcoin, remittances would no longer be an issue. The locals would be able to receive payments and remittances in the form of Bitcoin while paying very low fees and charges.

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