Almost 65% Of Adult Americans Want To Know More About Cryptocurrency

ByTroy Morris

Apr 21, 2021
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The adoption of cryptocurrency continues to spread like wildfire as the digital assets of the space continue to make their way into mainstream society. Bitcoin, the leading and most valuable digital asset, continue to be used by its traders and investors to make payments, as other altcoins like Ethereum have also been used similarly. However, in new research by Winklevoss’s brother-owned Gemini Crypto Exchange, they have discovered that, despite the crypto community in the country needing more regulations to thrive, more Americans continue to be interested in cryptocurrencies.

More American women are crypto-curious than men

In the new survey carried out by the Bitcoin billionaires-owned crypto exchange, almost 65% of American adults with no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency want to get involved in the booming space. Surprisingly, women make up 50% of the figures, as it appears that American women want to get more involved with Bitcoin and co. The total number of adults who partook in the survey was around 3,000 individuals, with more than 1,900 of them wanting to know more about cryptocurrencies.

However, what this survey implies is that the cryptocurrency market will continue to boom, as it appears that the market already has potential investors, especially in the U.S. According to Gemini’s CEO- Noah Perlman, he believes that the new research further agrees with the projection of many analysts, who have predicted the crypto market to grow by three times at the end of the year.

Perlman believes that, with the new survey result, they expect the size of the crypto market to increase massively in the future. The survey also shows that many people are willing to invest in cryptocurrency, but are drawn back due to financial constraints, a statement that many analysts have echoed.

Crypto adoption will continue to increase for now

The survey, which was alternatively carried out in the U.K, also tells a similar story. More than 10% of adults in both the U.K and in the U.S have plans to buy cryptocurrencies in the next one year. However, while these figures are the number of individuals who are confident they will be investing in cryptocurrencies in the next year, many more individuals are still skeptical about their future commitments to cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, this means that crypto adoption will continue to be high, as many investors are expected to enter the space.

Another angle the research tends to focus on is the age of the investors, with the average adult age of 40 participating in the survey. This also means that many potential crypto investors will be Millenials, with the Gen-Z generation not so interested in the space for now, according to the Gemini survey. However, Perlman believes that the crypto market is not saturated enough, as he believes that the Blockchain players in the space like Gemini have enough at their disposal to cater to the booming space.

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