Is Wealth Recovery Expert Scam or Legit?

ByTroy Morris

Feb 20, 2021

Read our Wealth Recovery Expert review and learn why we do not recommend them and why they are a scam. Just to clear any doubts this is a review.

Wealth Recovery Expert Review

I have been in the trading industry for quite some time now, and I have been through it all. I saw the rise of the cryptocurrencies in the past decade and the immense highs that it reached. I also saw just how many people started getting into trading.

On the other hand, I was also there for the rise of scams throughout the trading industry. From laughably obvious ones to worryingly convincing and realistic ones, I have seen them all. Along with this rise of convincing scams, there has also been a rise in recovery services like Wealth Recovery Expert. But if you are looking for a good recovery service, you might want to consider anything other than Wealth Recovery Expert.

What Do They Do?

The services that Wealth Recovery Expert provides are usually similar to other companies just like itself. They help people who have lost their money to a scam get it back, plain and simple. While the scams that they recover from might change, in practice they are usually the same.

However, although Wealth Recovery Expert performs its necessary duties fine, other factors surrounding it are quite questionable. In fact, some of the factors surrounding them are quite lackluster and greatly affected my experience.

What are they doing wrong?

Despite having potential, the truth is that Wealth Recovery Expert has a few flaws that cam make the recover experience feel like a chore. Here are some of the problems that I personally found to be quite harmful for my experience.

No Planning or Direct Motive

Every company that you go to which deals in scam recovery does so with a plan of action. This plan of action is usually a set of steps that the company will follow in order to get your money back. With the help of this plan, customers will be able to better understand how the recovery process works and how the company will help.

While this is monumental in helping build trust among clients, Wealth Recovery Expert does not have one to show. While they do have a considerable amount of information on how the different types of scams and how to spot them, they do not show a proper game plan.

Although this might be for competitive reasons, the truth is that it did not make me more trusting of them. In fact, I doubted how they would go about recovering funds until I went about the consultation.

No Mention of Company Owners

When dealing with a company, you would usually want a face to associate it with. I know that I certainly would. Companies always need to give themselves a face, whether it’s that of the CEO or the spokesperson. Regardless, people are more trusting of a company when they know that actual humans are behind it.

Unfortunately, Wealth Recovery Expert does have no mention of their owners. Throughout the website, it was hard for me to find the name of even a single individual who represented the company. This was one of the reasons I was so suspicious and reluctant to engage in their services.

No Reference to Team Members

A recovery service will usually have a team of market experts and lawyers to confront the scam companies. This team has a lot of experience, and knows enough about the market that they can make the recovery process much smoother.

Despite the importance of having a good team, Wealth Recovery Expert does not mention them anywhere. I searched throughout the entire website and did not find any mention of their team members. They do not mention how many lawyers of market professionals they have, or how much experience each of these individuals have.

Consultation Services are Quite Lackluster

Although they offer a free consultation for the first time, they cater solely to people looking to get their money back. Their consultation services do not extend to helping people learn more about trading scams. That is not to say that you cannot find a lot of information about different types of scams on their website, my point still remains.

Furthermore, their consultation services are also limited to tracking down if a trader is a scam or not. On the other hand, some other consultation services can even tell you about alternatives that you can find.

Few Ways to Contact Them

Most of the factors that mention in this list are not as bad as this particular one. Some people don’t understand just how important good customer service really is to a company, until they have a bad experience. And unfortunately, everyone has at least one horror story about having to deal with bad customer support. I know for a fact that most of my friends have had at least a bad experience in the past week.

And one of the things that fuel this bad customer experience is the lack of good communication options, something that Wealth Recovery Expert suffers from as well. It is a trend that I’m noticing more among various companies, where they will offer the bare minimum in terms of communication options.

You can only contact Wealth Recovery Expert through two ways: either by calling them or by sending them an email. This can be quite frustrating, especially seeing how most people prefer calling or messaging through social media. Moreover, they do not keep in touch as with their clients as much as they should, especially seeing the industry that they are in.

Not All Bad

Of course, that is not to say that there is nothing redeeming about Wealth Recovery Expert. They have quite the phenomenon reviews on various sites like Trustpilot. They are also quite fast when it comes to solving cases, but this usually depends on the type of case they are fighting.

If they work on their issues and improve factors like their ambiguity and lackluster communication, they are quite good. But as it stands, they are not your first choice when choosing a recovery service and you might want to consider another one for now.

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