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The top websites for reliable Forex News

Forex trading is a volatile but immensely profitable option provided the trader has strong reliable resources. In other words, you need to get your hands on websites providing reliable and updated financial information for trading purposes. Given below are some of the finest websites that can prove to be helpful for traders.

  • Forex Live (

Forex Live

Forex Live is one of the best platforms for getting generic information as well as forecasting details for trading. This website updates after every give minutes during trading hours. Along with that, you can get your hands on the latest news about the corporate position of each corporate sector. For instance, you can read about the latest corporate happenings in the oil and gas sector.

  • Top Ten Forex (

Top Ten Forex

Top Ten forex is yet another websites that provides latest insight about foreign currencies. Apart from knowing about the latest currency exchange rates, you can know about brokers who can help you with trading purposes. This website provides updated news about the latest forex brokers. For people who are new to trading, this is quite beneficial as they do not know how to select a reliable trader.

  • (

This is an amazing website that provides the top updated market stories. Along with the updated exchange rates for all the currencies, you can get a sniff of global market updates, ups and downs of different industries. As compared to other websites providing forex news, this website updates its information at more regular intervals. On daily basis, you can find updated information about currency ups and downs, For new forex traders, this websites proves to be immensely helpful. On, you can also find snapshots of tweets from reputed forex traders. New traders use these predictions to make their investments accordingly.