Pfizer And Moderna Stock See Major Rise In Price Following FDA Approval On Booster Shots

ByEdward Thompson

Oct 14, 2022

The pandemic was a difficult time for many companies and individuals, as many are still struggling to move past the current market condition. In fact, taking place over two years ago, its effects are still lingering.

However, while the pandemic was still a very difficult time for everyone, pharmaceutical companies have seen record profits. Thanks to their work on the vaccine, they saw their stock prices jump considerably.

But since every good thing eventually comes to an end, the spring that the pharmaceutical companies did manage to cool off. Similar to the rest of the market, stocks for these companies also saw a significant fall. However, with their more recent breakthrough, however, it is becoming even more apparent that their stock prices will jump.

Use of Booster Shots Authorized By the FDA

The stock alone has been seeing all of its prices in a difficult position. The stock market could be rising right now according to the newest trends, and the most recent one right now is that they can. They can no longer increase or decrease the signs of the other companies also getting ideas.

But similar to various other types of companies in the country that are seeing a major gain in such a short time because of the stock market.

More specifically, since the FDA has allowed vaccines by these different companies to be used as a booster for children, their stocks are currently standing by for a major increase. By the time it comes time to better integrate all of this technology, it is very likely that the boost from booster shots will be very short-lived.

The Different Boosters

The important thing understands about the different pharmaceutical markets is that their stocks are about to skyrocket as they start offering booster shots for Covid-19. The Moderna vaccine only works well enough for individuals who are at least six years of age, and it has recently gotten confirmation from the FDA to offer booster shots to people who are under six years old.

As for the Pfizer vaccine, it is more suitable for individuals who are younger such as the age of five. Both of these will become very popular, which will even lead to their stock prices rising significantly.

The Stock Market as a Whole

While these stocks tend to be growing significantly, the stock market as a whole is still having serious trouble maintaining its prices. The NASDAQ is still seeing prices for major stock drops with no end in sight. But for investors who are looking for a quick break, these pharmaceutical stocks are a good option.

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