GTlot Review – Is GTlot Scam or Legit?

ByTroy Morris

Dec 22, 2020

GTlot Review

GTlot logoIn my experience with online brokers, I have realized that some really understand their audiences like no other. If you look at online brokers, you will notice that the most popular ones are not those that have the best features. Instead, the most popular ones are the ones that have the most trader-friendly features. That’s something I think Gtlot is doing really well right now. This broker has understood its audience and created a trading platform that helps the traders in every possible way. Let me talk about a few important features that have made me admire Gtlot as an online broker.

What Makes Gtlot Admirable

The Education Center

I have to tell you that this is not the first broker that I saw the education center of. I have tried many brokers in the past and they all talk a lot about their training and education center. However, I always see them providing their traders with a few random books to teach them what trading is all about. If it is to be truly an educational center, it has to be well-organized and helpful. Those are the qualities that I only observed in the education center from this broker. The training material from this broker consists of ebooks, videos, tutorials, and an in-depth glossary too.

What I love the most about its education center is that you will be getting a list of introductory courses and videos from the broker if you are new to trading. When you have received enough introduction, you can go with the in-depth courses, which will teach you the advanced trading strategies. Learn through videos or ebooks, that’s completely your choice.

Gtlot trading resources

The Personalized Support

Yes, there are many other brokers that I can name that provide better customer support than this one. However, there is a certain area in which those brokers cannot beat Gtlot in my opinion. And that particular area is personalization. When it comes to the concept of personalization, you are talking about customer support that you can really feel yours. You feel as though the customer support department is there only for you.  And how does this broker make you feel that? Well, I would like you to look at the website of the broker first.

You will love the fact that the website of this broker is available in eight different languages, including English. Imagine how good traders feel when they sign up with a broker that likes to communicate with them in their language. In addition to that, when you have issues with your account or trading features, you can contact the broker through mail, phone and live chat. Live chat is the fastest way for you to get answers to your questions during working hours.

GTlot trading platform

Conventional and Modern Assets

I cannot stress it enough how important it is for you to be able to trade a variety of assets. If you have ever seen the profile of an experienced trader, you should notice that they invest in a variety of assets. That’s their way of distributing their risks. If they don’t it, they can end up losing all the money if only one asset, which they have invested in, goes down in value. On the other hand, when they invest their money in a variety of assets, they can recover the loss on one trade with the profit on the other. To use this strategy, you have to have a lot of assets at your disposal, and that’s where this broker really stands out.

I am glad to tell you that Gtlot provides you with access to a variety of assets that belong to many different asset classes. When you sign up with this broker, you will have access to cryptocurrency, forex, commodity, energies, produce, indices, stocks, and many other assets. Not to mention the fact that this broker also allows you to trade ETFs and bonds, which are usually not available to you with other brokers. So, is there an asset that you can’t trade when you sign up with Gtlot?

The Trading Platform

If there is some feature where you will really feel the difference, it’s the trading platform from this broker. I was forced to say that this broker understands its audience when I looked at its trading platform. Gtlot has designed this trading platform to work for everyone. I usually see brokers either offering the web version of the trading platform or the mobile application. How many brokers have you seen that offer you both version? In fact, with this broker, you will get a version for your tablet as well.

So, when you sign up with Gtlot, you will have the trading platform available on all your devices. You can use the version that you prefer the most. If you with the mobile version, you will have to download and install it on your mobile device. This means your trading platform will not be available on your desktop. You will have to download the platform again on your desktop computer or the tablet if you are willing to use that. Now, you will lose your settings, but a trading platform that has been designed for a particular device is the fastest thing you can use on that device.

The cure for all the problems that you may face with a downloadable trading platform is a web trading platform and this broker is generous enough to offer you that as well. You can use this web-based trading platform on all your devices without ever having to download it. In addition to that, you will be using the same account, features, configurations, settings, and interface across all devices when you use the web-based trading platform.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can see that these features are really designed for traders with their needs in mind. You want a modern trading platform? You got it. You want proper education before you trade? You got that too. With this broker, you can trade the assets that are usually not available with most other brokers. I recommend that you give this broker a shot and take advantage of these amazing features that will make trading fun for you.

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